Friday, May 27, 2016

GearXS Deals Expiring May 31

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GearXS Deals expiring May 31.

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Note:This is made of Real Wax!! no plastic 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

High Hopes Book Review

High Hopes

By Sue Lilley

Can a future be built on the quicksand of secrets and lies? If you love an absorbing drama, you’ll be hooked on Grace’s intriguing dilemma. 

Imagine you’re Grace … Twenty years ago you had a drunken one night stand with Sam, your oldest friend, when you both believed you’d been dumped. Sam got back with Dixie, his girlfriend and neither of you mentioned it again. 
Imagine … You got pregnant. You were a penniless student faced with a heartbreaking decision. Believing it was best for everyone, you had your baby in secret and gave her up for adoption, convinced you’d be giving her a better life. 
Imagine … Your daughter has now traced you and is asking questions about her father. After twenty years of sadness and guilt, you’re desperate to meet her but you never told Sam you had his child. 
Imagine … If you confess to Sam and Dixie now, the news of a secret daughter will tear their marriage to shreds and smash your lifelong friendship into smithereens. 
Imagine you’re Grace … What would you do? 

Don’t miss this compulsive and moving drama. Buy now and discover what the future holds for Grace, Dixie and Sam when shocking revelations toss the family into turmoil.


Grace, Dixie and Sam were inseparable. Although Dixie and Sam were a couple, Grace and Sam had been close friends the longest. Unknown to Dixie, Grace and Sam had a one night stand that resulted in Grace having a daughter that she gave up for adoption. Now 20 years later, Grace has to tell Sam about the daughter she gave up. Can Dixie and Sam’s relationship survive the betrayal, and can they ever trust Grace as a friend again?

This had an interesting plot of eclectic characters. Even at her age, Grace was still immature, but I could tell by the end that she had grown wiser. I thought Danny, the gardener, was an amazing character, with his upbeat personality. It was hard for me to imagine any good outcome to the situation that they all faced. It had me riveted throughout the read. But I did enjoy the closure that the author gave to the story.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Join Cricut's Affiliate Program

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Witches of Panay Spotlight Event

Welcome to another exciting spotlight event with Novel Publicity. This time, with Author Fayr Willow The Witches of Panay! As usual, we've got a great slate of bloggers sharing their thoughts on this book, and some unique and super fun prizes in our rafflecopter contest!

We’re helping author Fayr Willow release her book The Witches of Panay today and spreading lots of author love.

The Witches of Panay
By Fayr Willow

Magickal romance sizzled when teens Larissa and Jake, met again on Earth.

Friends as children, they once lived on Panay, a planet of witches, good and bad. After the Dark Queen and her Empire Witches attacked Larissa’s village, she and her mother had no choice but to flee Panay and seek refuge on Earth.

Then, at sixteen, Larissa found Jake in her region of Yorkshire, England. What began as a crush on this dashing boy led to something deeper. Their understanding of one another deepened and their thoughts, thought alike as they travelled through dangerous paths of Magickal Realms and through Earth’s Scandinavian section that is Norway. 

As part of this special event, The Wtiches of Panay is on sale now for only 99c! Grab your copy on Amazon today!  

About the Author

Malika Gandhi is known as Fayr Willow, for The Witches of Panay series. She was born in India and brought up in the UK. She lives with her husband and her two boys in the East Midlands. Malika Gandhi is a part-time writer and has written three books that are based in India and the UK. The Witches of Panay is her first book for Young Adults and above. 

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