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Pura Vida's Beach Clutch

With NEW custom styles to choose from, Pura Vida's Beach Clutch is your new go-to summer bag! Carry all of your beach essentials with you for a fun day in the sun. Live Free, Pura Vida! *Includes a free randomly selected bracelet with purchase.

  • • Water Resistant Interior Lining
  • • Custom contrast zipper with leather pull
  • • Leather Pura Vida patch
  • • Fully lined with 100% cotton
  • • Product measures: 12 in W x 9.5 in H

Pura Vida's Friendship Pack

Save some cash by purchasing bracelets in this custom style pack that is made up of our ten best-selling originals! Wear them all together or mix and match your favorite combinations.

Pack Includes Our 10 Best Sellers!
• Coral Reefin'
• Seafoam Seamonster
• Hakuna Matata
• Berry Cute
• Wish You Were Here • Life in Color
• Changing Tides
• Abalone Obsession
• Beach Life
• Color Collage

Pura Vida's Yoga Girl Pack

This pack was designed by Rachel Brathen, New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker and international yoga teacher. Known to her 2 million social media followers as @Yoga Girl, she travels the world teaching and inspiring people across the globe to live a life of balance and self-love every single day. 10% of the proceeds from her pack will be donated to 109, a non-profit organization that supports global missions to combat the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time.

Pack Includes:
• Seafoam Braided
• Beach Life Original
• Gold Feather Strawberry
• Solid Neon Pink
• Flat Braided Pacific Blue

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Castle In A Red Storm Book Review

Castle In A Red Storm: A Novelette (Assembly Of Planets Book 1)

By L.W. Brook

Castle In A Red Storm: A Novelette (Assembly Of Planets Book 1) by [Brook, L. W.]

Castle In A Red Storm, A Novelette: A long since isolated Jupiter returns to the Assembly Of Planets to testify at the council's hearing. 

Assembly Of Planets Series: When the lead council's best interests are brought into question, the Assembly votes to reconstruct the ten seats of council. In doing so, selected candidates are subjected to numerous trials of fate and justice. Jupiter, a self-denounced member of the original council, quickly finds herself an involuntary candidate and the single connection to a string of murders. 

Castle In A Red Storm is the first released novelette of this mind twisting fantasy series.

MY REVIEW OF Castle in a Red Storm

In this story, the planets are personified. Each planet has a place on the council, and their job is to uphold the original plan of the universe. Each planet’s moon has also been given a body, but they are in servitude to their respective planet. The council has been brought up on charges of giving a set of orders without assembly approval. A court is held and assembly votes to reconstruct the council, meaning relieve them of their duties and vote new members in their place. Jupiter had already been kicked out, making her a prime candidate. She isn’t interested, but being a key player, will she be allowed to bow out, or will they try to manipulate her for their own selfish reasons?

I like the idea of giving the planets and moons human-like bodies. It made for an interesting plot. Each one had a personality befitting their namesake. I thought that was clever. It’s been so long since I learned the names of each planet’s moons, that I had forgotten them. This refreshed my memory. The story was left up in the air, making me want to find out how it ends. I guess I’ll just have to read the next installment to find out.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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GearXS Deals Expiring August 29

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GearXS Deals Expiring August 29.

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The Cursed Hill: An Alex Drew Novel Review

The Cursed Hill: An Alex Drew Novel

By David Weiskircher

The Cursed Hill: An Alex Drew Novel by [Weiskircher, David]
Alex Drew and Claire Tierney – along with their dog, Joe – return. Recently married, Alex and Claire find themselves with a 3-year-old Mexican girl that had been smuggled across the border. They find her on sacrosanct Apache land, on a piece of land called the Cursed Hill. They also find the girl’s mother murdered. In one of her boots is a ripped piece of paper. On it is Alex’s name. 

In the midst of illegal smuggling of people and drugs across the border, Alex and Claire race to solve these mysteries. Meanwhile, the pristine beauty of their New Mexico hometown is at stake when a new mine opens on the outskirts of town. 

The third in a series. 

MY REVIEW OF The Cursed Hill

When Alex witnesses a murder on Apache land, he doesn’t hesitate to ride in to assess the situation, even if it is on the cursed hill that is to be avoided. The victim was a Mexican woman, and she had hidden her three year old daughter, Rosa, behind a group of boulders, thus, saving her from the shooter. When it is discovered that the victim was carrying a piece of paper with Alex’s name on it, he is further compelled to investigate the woman’s reason for seeking him out. But first, he must face the wrath of Chief Bodaway for trespassing on reservation land, and taking the victim from his jurisdiction.

I always enjoy reading Alex Drew novels. I like how they are modern day westerns, and updated for situations with today’s occurrences. The plot is always well thought out. Each of the characters are explored to give full depth to them. The introduction of Chief Bodaway was a good fit for the plot, and I hope will make more appearances in future chapters. I loved his personality, and the camaraderie between him and Alex. The dry humor throughout kept me entertained, as usual. You can’t help but like a witty cowboy and Indian (pun intended). 

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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Free and Bargain Books Linkup Week 23

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