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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mr. Thorne & the Witch Tour and Giveaway

Fleeing the men who brutally murdered her family, Karene Munroe must hide her magical abilities and hope to go unnoticed in the bustle of the capital city. She takes refuge in the house of Malcolm Thorne, a fireworks maker, who offers her a job as his assistant.

Despite her precarious situation, she cannot help but be drawn to this generous and charming man. A future with him could be wonderful, but her past won’t be laid to rest. From a local crime lord who seeks to use her powers, to the hunters who are hard on her heels, Karene is trapped in a maze of danger and lies. Can she find a way out before Malcolm is lost to her forever?

***Stories from the Secret Realms are historically-inspired fantasy romance. They share a setting reminiscent of England in the mid-19th century, but their world is rich with magic. 

Each book stands alone, and they can be read in any order.

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Also Available...
Miss Ridley & The Warlock

Gemma Ridley’s first encounter with Squire Kenrik proves nothing short of alarming. So much so, she considers fleeing back to the city, despite the fact only poverty and scandal await her there. Could those challenges be worse than staying as governess on a haunted estate and working for a dangerously handsome eccentric?

Little does Gemma realize what dark secrets and wondrous enchantments will transform her life at Rook Hall. Squire Kenrik is more than he seems—more than any man she has known. He may be the source of her undoing, or he may hold the key to her deepest desires. Only time and the guidance of her heart will tell.

***Stories from the Secret Realms are historically-inspired fantasy romance. They share a setting reminiscent of England in the mid-19th century, but their world is rich with magic. 

Each book stands alone, and they can be read in any order.

Available to buy from....   Barnes and Noble    Paperback

MY REVIEW OF Mr. Thorne & The Witch

Karene Munroe was on the run. Her entire family had been murdered and their killers were after her. The Munroe and the Kilgore clans had been feuding for many decades and now Karene was the last surviving Munroe. The Kilgore clan will not stop until she is dead.

Circumstances cause Karene to befriend Malcolm Thorne, a fireworks inventor. Working for him gives Karene time to figure out where she will go from there, in order to stay hidden from the Kilgore clan. But with them hot on her trail, how can she keep her secrets hidden from Malcolm without bringing danger to his doorstep.

This was an easy to follow story that I read in a few hours’ time. While there is some violence parlayed, it is not dwelled upon. The story had an interesting plot and inviting characters. I’ve always liked reading Ms. Green’s books. Her stories always take you to another time and place, and make you feel like you are one of the characters in the story.

More of my Diana Green book reviews:

About the author

Since her childhood, growing up in New Zealand, Diana has been an avid storyteller. For years she enjoyed teaching art and special education, while writing as a hobby. After she developed an autoimmune disorder, a career change was necessary, but happily this led her to become an award winning, Amazon bestselling author.

Diana’s books are mostly fantasy, with strong elements of romance. She placed first in the 2016 EPIC Awards – Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Category, first in the 2015 Paranormal Awards – Romance Category, second in the Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Awards, and fourth in the International Digital Awards. She has also been a finalist for the CRW Award of Excellence, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the Chatelaine Awards, and the Aspen Gold Published Novel Contest.

For more information, excerpts, trailers, and reviews visit DIANAGREENBOOKS.COM

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GearXS Deals Expiring November 30

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GearXS Deals Expiring November 30.

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Eden's Apple Book Review

Eden’s Apple

By Pamela Blake

Prewar Bradford, England, 1937. A sinful act is perpetrated by a father against his daughter that will alter the lives of three future generations. Rose's troubled past haunts her forever. Lucy seduces a man of the cloth and has to bear its devastating consequences. Samuel escapes real life and journeys through his own hell to try and find what he has lost. Children are deprived of a normal upbringing. Secrets, when revealed, have a destructive power.

These are ordinary people whose lives go full circle in their voyage of self-discovery and who undergo a transformation resulting from an extraordinary existence. Each of them has to overcome his or her tragedy before the realization that great success, or the reaching of one's own goals, does not give the pleasure, happiness, or satisfaction expected. Ultimately, it is only in the real values of love, understanding, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness that the outcome has to be found.


While still a young teen, Rose lost her innocence to her father, Mark, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. Not wanting the baby, her mother, Annie, and Mark adopted it. But Annie blamed Rose for ruining her future and putting her in the predicament of raising another child, and showed no love to baby Lucy.

Growing up, Lucy was wild and always got what she wanted. When she set her sights on her priest, Sam, nothing could stop her from tainting him. Together Sam and Lucy produce two children. But having fallen deep into drug use, they eventually realize they need help to overcome the addiction. So, they leave the children with Mark and Annie, as Lucy’s mother Rose had done years ago. They overcome the addiction, but lose each other along the way. Can they find the love they felt for each other and put their family back together? Only time will tell.

I literally could not put this book down. It had me riveted with each chapter I read. All the pain and anger this family suffered, I was there with them. It took me awhile to warm to Lucy though, with her self-centered personality. I felt like these characters came alive with their actions creating life-long rippling effects that could happen to anyone. 

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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Free and Bargain Books Linkup Week 36

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Pura Vida's Black Friday Sale

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Pura Vida is having their biggest sale of the year! This Black Friday & Cyber Monday, purchasers of Pura Vida Bracelets will get 50% Off their entire purchase, plus FREE shipping on all U.S. orders!

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Titanium: Terra Book Review


By Terrence Carling

TITANIUM: Terra by [Carling, Terrence]
It is late 21st century.
Life on Earth is well past 'peak affluence'.
World economies have been contracting for decades.

Faced with diminishing funding and ever growing groups of naysayers who believe money and resources should be spent fixing the beleaguered nation, NASA struggles to move forward with an ambitious space program.

Despite an uncertain future, the corps of astronauts has grown larger than ever. Super qualified men and women study hard and work harder for an opportunity that will only come to a select few.

A space crew is made up of two or more 'designated pairs'--one male and one female. Matched together according to deeply measured personality traits and complementary skill sets, designated pairs form and dissolve with regularity. Those astronauts with the singular ambition of getting into deep space realize that a long term pairing is their best chance to break the surly bonds of earth.

MY REVIEW OF Titanium: Terra

Fran and Mickey were space trainees with their sights set on the next mission to space. NASA had test paired them together to see how compatible they would be, coupled on an extended mission. They had just finished a three month mission simulation in which it was only the two of them. It had started fine but eventually they had gotten on each other’s nerves. Needless to say, they were both ready for other human contact. Almost immediately though, they were each called in by the commander and told they would be leaving in a week on the next mission. They were both expecting it to be to the moon base, but were told they would be going to Mars. Furthermore, they would be charged with discovering what happened to the first crew that was secretly sent prior, but was now presumed lost in space.

I enjoyed the plot even as short as it was. It ended just as it was getting good. The characters showed promise. I definitely got hooked with the ending. It has me looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this cast of characters. And the story is good enough to want to see it to the end.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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Zazzle Codes for November

Zazzle Special Offers & Coupons

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Ghost Hunters Guide to the Most Haunted Historic Sites in America Review

A Ghost Hunter's Guide to the Most Haunted Historic Sites in America

By Terrance Zepke

The most important events in American history happened at these historic sites, which include the Alamo, Alcatraz, and Gettysburg Battlefield. We're talking bloody battles, murders, suicides, political clashes, and so much more. So is it any wonder these are among the most haunted places in our great nation? 

Discover the eerie reason why Hart Island has been dubbed THE ISLAND OF THE DEAD. 

Learn about all the ghosts who haunt the White House, including one of the most famous presidents of all time.

Find out why GHOST HUNTERS of SyFy Channel have included the Battleship North Carolina on their all-time spookiest investigations list. Hint: It was a close encounter of the scariest kind!

Learn about the trio of ghosts who haunt Wrigley Field and the crazy Curse of Billy Goat. 

Discover what creepy connection the Hollywood Sign, Empire State Building, and Golden Gate Bridge share and what you need to know if you plan to visit any of these places. 

Learn the best way to explore Mammoth Cave, which is the largest cave system in the world. So you need to know where to go to have the greatest chance of a ghostly encounter. Hint: Two of the best places are the Devil's Looking Glass and Mummy Ledge. But even if you don't plan to visit, you will enjoy reading about the history and hauntings at Mammoth Cave. 

...and much more! 

Each chapter is laid out in an easy-to-easy format, which includes a fascinating history and reveals all paranormal activity. The book contains numerous black and white photographs, many fun facts, and helpful visitor information, including accessibility and tour options.

MY REVIEW OF The Most Haunted Historic Sites

This is a great read for any history buff, but especially if they like the paranormal. Included in the book is fifteen different sites with historic value that have been dubbed as haunted. Each one has documented witness sightings. Some you will probably be familiar with, but others not so much.

I think reading this type of phenomenon is fascinating. Ms. Zepke knows her stuff. This is the fifth book of hers that I have read on the topic of hauntings, and I have loved each one. She breaks each location down into its history and the unusual occurrences, and then the story behind the hauntings.

It’s understandable how many of these sites have multiple spirits haunting them. Places like Hart Island, Gettysburg, and the Alamo had so many tragic and horrific deaths that they couldn’t help but leave imprints. I think it would be so awesome to catch a glimpse of President Abraham Lincoln walking through the White House as has been reported on numerous occasions. I also didn’t realize that a suicide occurs on average every two weeks on the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s no wonder that it is haunted. Thanks to Ms. Zepke my fascination with the paranormal continues to grow.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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