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Free and Bargain Books Linkup Week 33

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Friday, August 18, 2017

GearXS Deals Expiring August 18

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GearXS Deals Expiring August 18.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rolfs Quest Book Review

Rolf's Quest (A Medieval Encounter Book 1)

By Aubrey Wynne

Rolf's Quest (A Medieval Encounter Book 1) by [Wynne, Aubrey]
A wizard, a curse, a fated love…
When Rolf finally discovers the woman who can end the curse that has plagued his family for centuries, she is already betrothed. Time is running out for the royal wizard of King Henry II. If he cannot find true love without the use of sorcery, the magic will die for future generations. 

Melissa is intrigued by the mystical, handsome man that haunts her by night and tempts her by day. His bizarre tale of Merlin, enchantments, and finding genuine love has her questioning his sanity and her heart. 

From the moment Melissa stepped from his dreams and into his arms, Rolf knew she was his destiny. Now, he will battle against time, a powerful duke, and call on the gods to save her. 


Merlin had been cursed because he cast a spell on the one he loved to make her fall in love with him. The only one that can break the curse is a first born son of Merlin’s descendants. That task has fallen on Rolf’s shoulders. He must find true love without the use of sorcery or deceit. That will be easy because he knows who she is as he has dreamed of her for many years. The hard part though is that when Melissa finally enters his life, she is already betrothed. Will Rolf be able to woo Melissa before time runs out for Merlin?

Ah, true love! This was a sweet love story, but with evil overtones, I loved the innocence of the main characters. I enjoy stories with head strong female characters, and that definitely described Melissa. Even the surrounding characters were endearing. This author has a way of drawing you into the story, I felt like I was part of the day to day activities that were going on, and it was comforting. And I thought the comparison of love to a growing foal was perfect. This was an enjoyable, fairly short, historical romance that leaves you with a feel good outlook.

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Pura Vida Summer Essentials

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Check out this highly coveted Macrame cross-body bag which has a unique dip-dyed design and is accented by extra long fringe at the bottom — perfect for sunscreen, lemonade and shades! 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Don’t Worry, You’ll be Safe Review

Don't Worry, You'll be Safe (Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 4)

By Edwin Dasso

Don't Worry, You'll be Safe (Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 4) by [Dasso, Edwin]
The story feels as if it could have been pulled right out of recent headlines…could it really happen this way? After reading this exciting medical murder thriller, you'll answer, "yes!" 

After the murder of his wife and unborn child, Jack Bass longed for death. He welcomed it...until, Amanda, the lovechild of Lori Darden and him, entered his life. Still reeling from the pummeling life had handed him over the years, Jack shrouded his new life with his daughter in privacy, determined that the events of his past should not threaten his daughter. 

Despite his best efforts to remain invisible, Jack is faced with a choice between protecting himself and his daughter or helping to save many lives of those that are being victimized for profit. Jack is again unwittingly thrust into a world of conspiracy and murder as he follows a trail of bodies along the Eastern US coast. What he finds at the end of that trail shocks even Jack. 

Protecting his daughter, while chasing the tail of wickedness into dark and deadly corners, will leave only one man standing…

Jack knows that man must be him.

Book 4 in this medical murder mystery series.


Jack Bass suffers from PTSD. In recent years he’s lost his pregnant wife Janice, Amy a coworker, and Lori, a fellow officer that he was protecting. They were all three killed as retribution to Jack for foiling the plans of some very bad people who only cared about making loads of money, no matter who died from it. Now Jack has been drawn into the mystery of who is kidnaping homeless veterans, and having them turn up dead with an illegal drug in their systems. On top of that, this abomination to his fellow comrade in arms is causing Jack’s nightmares and PTSD to flare with a vengeance.

Even though this is book four in this series, I did not feel lost, because everything was recapped by flashbacks or otherwise. The character of Jack was easily likeable, and I even felt sorry for him and his situation. His surrounding characters were a good focus also. The plot was fast paced and interesting enough that I read it straight through in one day. I like the writing style of this author and will probably go back and read the first three books. I know that I’ll definitely continue the series, especially since this one ended cliffhanger style.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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