Friday, November 30, 2012

Recycled Star Ornament with Quilling

Do you make your own ornaments?  I used to many years ago.  I thought I would give it another try.  Here is the result.

Whadda ya think?  It's actually prettier than the picture shows.  It kinda looks flat here.  It's not though.  It is very fluffed out. 

The felt pieces are square alcohol pads.  Don't worry, they were just used to sanitize with, then washed out.  They make very good felt pieces, and sooo much easier than cutting small squares. 

The quilled flower is from school papers ready for the trash.  If you will remember, I also used this for my Recycled Winter Plaque.

The hanging thread is tie from a mailed package I had received.

This was fun and not hard at all. 

What have you made lately?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Do you Listia?


Have you visited yet?  You can find it at  In case you've never heard of it, it's an auction site, but it's a little different than other auction sites.  There's no money involved.  Yes, you heard me right.  No money.  Let me explain.

Turn stuff you don’t use into stuff you really want!


1) List Old Stuff

Give away stuff you don't use anymore like clothes, electronics, DVDs, toys, books... anything!

2) Earn Credits

People bid on your stuff using credits they've earned. The highest bid wins.

3) Get New Stuff

Use credits you've earned for giving stuff away and win something you want!

Everything is won with credits.  How do you get credits you ask?  Well it starts with your signup.  You automatically get 500 credits you can use to bid on items you're interested in.  You then get another 500 credits when you list your first item for auction.  You can also get 500 credits for each friend that signs up from your invite (after their first listing).  There are more ways to earn credits but that's the basic.

I have only been signed up since late September and have won 6 different times.  Yay me.  I've only listed one item, and don't bid often, so this shows how far the credits can go.  I still have over 300 credits to bid with.  I will say that I won 2 other items but never received them.  That's still no problem (except that I really wanted them) because you can easily get your credits back if the item is not received. Listia's customer service has been excellent for me as far as that goes.  I am very satisfied with them.  They really have made it easy.

If you're interested in joining, go to  That is my referral url.  You can get more information there.  Look around, check out some of the auctions going on, and see if it's something worthwhile to you.  You won't regret it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Frosty Festivities Blog Hop

Download Frosty Festivities Blog Hop Prize.jpg (2.6 MB)Download Frosty Festivities.jpg (615.1 KB)
Hello and welcome to all you newbies visiting from the Frosty Festivities Blog Hop.  I hope you'll enjoy my site enough to hang around a little while and explore.  For my regular followers, this is the blog hop that I posted about here.
If you are following the hop,  then you should have landed here from Jo's site, Curly Scrapbooker.  Be sure to comment on each blog in the hop beginning and ending with Jennifers Jumbles.  If you do, and you let Jennifer know, then you will be in the drawing to win a spectacular seasonal prize of Basic Grey Aspen Frost  and Carta Bella Winter Fun items, worth over £25! 
All entries must be received by Monday the 19th of November at 10:59pm GMT.  Your next stop along the hop is
In keeping with the Winter theme, I have a neat project that I made using recycled materials. 

I know it's hard to read but I couldn't get close enough and still include everything.  It says "Winter, A season of 4 letter words, snow, coat, sled, cold, soup".

How cool is that! 

Well, I thought it was cool.

I decided on the light blue color because it reminded me of winter, and snow, and cold.

Here is a close up of the top.

The chain and flowers are made with paper quilling.  This is my first try at that.

Not too bad if I say so myself!

These are the materials and supplies that I used.

Cereal box cardboard
Kids school papers (ready for the trash)
Junk mail
Paper cutter
Hole punch

Everything laid out, glued together, holes punched, and waiting for the quilling to be finished.

The wording still needs to be cut out and put on the other side of the blue oval. 

Quilling finished and waiting for final construction.
I considered putting a pop of color on it but didn't think it looked as good as without.

What do you think?  Should I leave the pink on or not?

I hope you enjoyed my project.  It was a lot of fun creating it.  I will definitely be doing more quilling.

Below is a list of all the blogs in the hop in the correct order, just in case you need it.  Again, the next blog to hop to after me is

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where's the turkey?

Have you ever had to disguise a turkey?  Me neither.  Until now.

My 8 year old grandson's homework was to take a drawing of a turkey, cut it out, and disguise it so that it fits in with your family and won't be killed and eaten. 

Do what???  Where do these teachers get these ideas from?   I don't know.

So, out come the Better Homes and Gardens magazines.  Good thing I can't throw anything away:)  It took going through every magazine I owned to find ideas and scraps for the project.  Actually, Mason enjoyed it too much.  I steady heard, Hey Grann, we can use these feet, or these socks, or this cat with his legs crossed like he's gotta go pee.  But I can't use this naked lady (the longerie model) cause the teacher will get mad.

Here is what we ended up with.

Can you see the turkey? 

He has a cowboy hat, sunglasses, and a football necklace.

He has 2 mismatched socks, 2 mismatched boots, and a purse big enough to be a suitcase.

But he doesn't look like a turkey anymore!

I thought it turned out pretty good.  Mason is proud of it too.

Mason decided to call him Aunt Connie.  That would be my sister who is coming to visit for Thanksgiving.  I wonder what she'll think about that!

I'll say it again.  Have you ever had to disguise a turkey?  And if so, how did you do it?  I would sure like to hear about it.

Have a great day.