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GearXS Mega Deals

Gearxs logo

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Here are some of the GearXS Mega Deals. Hurry though, as the deals expire 2/3/2016.

6 Piece Set - Hotel Lexington 2200 Series Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets by RC Collection

Price: 14.99 FS
Code: GXS-10 - $10 OFF

    2-in-1-Trunk Organizer & Cooler Set

Coupon Code Price: $12.99
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6 Pocket Arm Rest Organizer

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Home Collections 26 Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Coupon Code Price: $14.99
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Home Collections Zippered Fabric Mattress Cover - Multiple Sizes

Coupon Code Price: $7.99
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Windshield Wrap Magnetic Weather Cover

Original Price: $14.99
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2-pack: Ladies Yoga Capri with Fold Over Waistband In Assorted Colors

Price: 8.99 FS


Home Collections Stainless Steel Grocery Bag Holder

Coupon Code Price: $9.99
Coupon Code: GXS-5

2-Sided Jewelry Organizer
Coupon Code Price: $4.99
Coupon Code: GXS-4

2 Pairs: Merino Wool Blend Winter Thermal Insulated Socks
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blue Screen of Death Review

Blue Screen of Death (Hashtag Magic Book 1)

By J. Steven Young

What if you could realize your inner magic with an APP?

Life for Colby Stevens has not been going his way. He’s just turned sixteen, summer has begun, and the bullies in school won’t leave him alone. His only solace at home is a quirky Nana who can’t cook, a resentful and distant older sister and an alcoholic mother who doesn’t even remember his birthday. His dad disappeared when Colby was six years old and the details from that night are a little fuzzy.

Things take a wild turn when Colby’s emotions get the better of him and his bully ends up on the receiving end of humiliation. And Colby never even laid a hand on him. He discovers he possesses an ancient magic his father had bound to keep him safe. When his magic reappears, it’s powerful, hard to control, but at least his strange childhood memories are beginning to make sense.

Colby and his friends end up in an all-day detention overseen by a visiting archeology professor who makes Colby the president of the school’s new club. Something strange occurs to the students, but Colby didn’t conjure it. Seems he’s not the only supernatural in school.

Now, Colby must learn to gain control of his abilities and he creates an app he hopes will help. His muse, an odd little blue man, is assigned to help Colby and to keep him safe. This proves difficult when Colby’s powers get the attention of the rest of the supernatural world. They have plans to take it all away, and will do anything to get it.

Caught in the middle of a war that began at the beginning of time, Colby and his friends must learn to fight back, and learn fast. Not everything is how it appears and the battle to survive won’t be an easy one, but Colby has no choice if he wants to withstand what’s coming.

Blue Screen of Death is a young adult urban fantasy and is the first installment in the Hashtag Magic series by author J. Steven Young. The second book, Control ALT Delete, is now available. Look for the upcoming third installment Web of Trolls.

MY HONEST REVIEW OF: Blue Screen of Death

When Colby was six years old his father walked out. Now ten years later, on his sixteenth birthday, strange things start happening. Things that could only be magic. But that’s impossible…or so he thinks. As Colby learns more about his father and the family background, he starts understanding why he has become the center of this activity.

Colby started out wimpy, but you could tell how much he had grown by the end. It was fun watching him come out of his shell. I loved the blue cat-man. He was an interesting character to follow. This was a fun, young-adult read that had me totally immersed in the adventure. There were a few things left unknown, but I’m sure I’ll learn about them in the next adventure.

My review can also be found at:

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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Get Your Best Hair Yet By Knowing Your Hair Type

Get Your Best Hair Yet By Knowing Your Hair Type

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Knowing your hair type will help you better understand what kind of styling techniques, hair color, and hair care will work the best for your locks. Check out these guides from Madison Reed for expert tips to make the most of each:

How to figure out your hair type:
Leave it free of products and let it air dry next time you wash your hair. If it dries completely straight, you have straight hair. If there’s a natural wave but doesn’t curl up, you have wavy hair. Larger curls mean you have curly hair, while very tight curls signify coily hair. 

How to figure out your hair's texture and why it matters:
Many people don’t think of texture (a.k.a. thickness) as a separate factor from hair type, but it strongly affects how well your hair will hold styles and color. Here are the three main textures:

• Thick hair has the largest circumference and is slower to absorb color, which means that it usually requires more processing time. It can also be resistant to chemical treatments like perming and straightening.

• Medium hair is the middle-range of circumference, so it doesn’t have any special considerations for how much color to apply or adjustments to processing time.

• Fine hair will usually process quickly and lightens very easily. Because of that, it runs the risk of getting over-processed and is susceptible to damage from chemical treatments. Less is more if this is your texture.

Learn more hair tips and tricks on Madison Reed's BlogFind your perfect hair color now for a fresh look today!

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Green Tree Jewelry Giveaway

Green Tree Jewelry Giveaway! ($90 ARV) #GreenTreeJewelry

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The Girl in Red Pajamas Giveaway

The Girl in Red Pajamas begins when two lesbians have a smack down in a Boston restaurant. After one is found dead stuffed in the back of the other’s SUV, their families line up and point fingers. Tensions mount as relatives question religious beliefs, and the police gather evidence to build a case against the survivor. Bogie McGruder becomes deeply involved in the investigation because one woman is his sister and the other, his old girlfriend.

This third book in the Pajamas Trilogy brings the series to a glorious end.

Book available from...     Barnes and Noble

"The Girl in Red Pajamas is exciting, suspenseful, and just an excellent mystery." - Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers' Favorite

"Chris Birdy has done it again! She has intertwined a superb murder mystery with a down to earth journey into the lives of a very loving extended family." - review from Amazon

"It was mesmerizing, fantastically written, and one of the best books I've read this year. I highly recommend it!."  -  review from Amazon

Also available
The Girl in White Pajamas

When Officer Bud the PR face of the Boston Police Department is gunned down, his brother, Bogie McGruder, returns from Palm Beach for the funeral. Since the BPD is investigating the death of one of their own, Bogie believes his trip to Boston will be a short condolence visit and a chance to meet his secret love child.

But interacting with a family fueled by alcohol and mired in scandals, Bogie is reminded why he does investigations for his Boston based company from a computer in Florida. Although Bogie wants to contact his ex-lover, Bailey Hampfield, he’s reluctant to do so since Bailey dumped him four years earlier. Knowing that Bailey had his child after she cut him loose, Bogie ponders how he can establish a relationship with the three year old daughter he’s never met. While he thinks about it, Bailey gets in touch with him and asks for protection. Someone is trying to kill her.

By the time Bogie meets Isabella, it’s apparent that he still loves the mother and adores the child. Bogie tells himself that he’s not interested in the BPD investigation into Bud’s death, but he continues to be drawn into it while trying to discover who is attempting to kill Bailey. The investigations seem to parallel each other, then intersect and become intertwined. As the story develops, Isabella, a precocious child obsessed with martial arts, slowly becomes the focus.

The underlying theme of this mystery is lies. Everyone seems to be running on lies and half truths. The only pure and true character is The Girl in White Pajamas.

Book available from...

The Girl in Black Pajamas

R&B Investigations is under attack. Their employee is shot in the back as he enters the building, and a hacker is trying to compromise their secure network. While the Boston police investigate the shooting, Bogie McGruder needs to find the culprit who is trying to put them out of business.

Bogie and his partner Rose Jones can’t disclose their internet problems to the cops since Bogie is a hacker himself.

Bogie McGruder returns to Boston with his four- year-old daughter Isabella. He joins up with Rose Jones’ uncle Walter who is fresh for Lompoc Prison. Bogie and Walter strengthen their firewalls while they try to determine who is behind the invasion. As the R&B team hones in on the culprit, they uncover several murders and discover a plot to wipe out the financial institutions in Boston.

While Bogie is in Boston, his extended family in Palm Beach becomes enmeshed in a sex scandal that threatens to ruin lives and careers in the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

Feeling like a wishbone about to snap, Bogie tries to handle problems in both cities while Isabella continues her quest for someone to teach her the Five-Point-Palm-Exploding-Heart technique as seen in Kill Bill Volume 2.

This tale of murder, revenge and greed takes the reader on a whirlwind trip from Boston to Palm Beach and back. Buckle your seatbelt!

Book available from...     Barnes and Noble

MY HONEST REVIEW OF The Girl in Red Pajamas

When Bogie’s sister is accused of murdering her live-in girlfriend, he helps the police in the investigation. This wasn’t an easy task as he is also involved in raising an out-of-control precocious four-almost-five-year-old, and trying to pry the secret out of his wife that keeps surfacing in her dreams. There is no doubt that sooner, rather than later, everything will come to a head.

I hate to see this series end. I have come to love all the quirky characters, and the trouble that seems to always follow them. They are the ultimate blended family, with friends that always seem to make matters worse. It would be delightful to find out how Isabel turns out in her adult life. Now that’s a story worth pondering.  

My review can also be found at:

More of my Melissa Foster book reviews:

About the Author
The Girl in Red Pajamas, the final book in the award-winning mystery trilogy has just been released. This book deals with the question: HOW MANY LIVES CAN THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS DESTROY?

Background: For almost twenty-five years, I did investigative work for small law firms conducting business in rough housing projects and crack house neighborhoods. I met with clients in every jail in the area even the now defunct Charles Street Jail and Deer Island House of Corrections. On good days, I got to take the .25 caliber handgun out of my pocket and the 9mm out of my purse and go to court. Then the real show began!

Several years ago, while sitting in a courtroom with a client, I watched as a police officer was lambasted by an attorney. The attorney was defending a young woman who crashed her car into two other vehicles before she passed out drunk behind the wheel. The occupants of the other cars were seriously hurt and the cop, a former EMT, tried to assist the injured while waiting for ambulances to arrive. The attorney questioned the cop's every move, shredded his testimony and made him seem inept.

Embarrassed, the cop returned to his seat beside me and muttered, "Everybody lies. The judges lie, the lawyers lie, the witnesses lie.." I wanted to tell him not to worry that in about five years he'd be just as good a liar as they were.

The seeds for The Girl in White Pajamas (the first book in the series) were planted in that courtroom.

Find the author on the following sites...

Follow the book tour

I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.


SIGNED BOOK Giveaway - 5 Winners!!
Ending on Sunday 31st January at 11.59pm EST
Open Worldwide 

Enter Below and Good Luck !!

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Frivolous Pursuits Review

Frivolous Pursuits: A Hipposync Archives novel

By D.C. Farmer

Darren Trott has a job, a feisty girlfriend (with plans) and a house with potential. Oh yes, he’s living the dream. It just isn’t the dream he applied for. 

Psychopathic relatives, aboriginal demons, warrior queens, and a Brownie called George (with claws, a pork-pie hat and an attitude bigger than a banker’s wage), all want a piece of Darren. But they'll have to form an orderly queue because there's the small matter of an impending apocalypse to sort out first… 

DC Farmer cordially invites you to join him in exploring the next white-knuckle case report from the Hipposync archives. 

MY HONEST REVIEW OF: Frivolous Pursuits

 After Darren’s mother died, his self-centered girlfriend moves in with him, and takes over. Not only does she make him miserable, but her overbearing father is Darren’s boss, making his work hours unbearable too. His only bright spot is when he can be alone with his hobby of photographing action figures against off-handed backdrops. But after one of the action figures starts talking to him, Darren is suddenly drawn into an unbelievable world of his own creation.

I felt this plot has all the right ingredients; interesting backstory, loveable characters, villains, and a promise of more adventure to come. I felt sorry for Darren, even though he could have changed his home circumstances at any time. This type of photographing hobby sounds intriguing. I wouldn’t mind having that talent. But to be able to make things come alive, I don’t think I would like that. I look forward to reading more of Darren’s expeditions.

My review can also be found at:

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

More of my D.C. Farmer book reviews:

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Shoptiques $25 Gift Card Giveaway


Welcome To The Shoptiques $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

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If you haven't heard about before let me tell you a little about them. is a website where you can shop the world's best local boutiques online! In the past, if you lived in Dallas and wanted to shop a small boutique in New York or LA or even Paris, you had to buy a plane ticket. They simply weren't online, and if they were, there was no way to find them.
Well now you can shop all these amazing boutiques in the comfort of home! has brought you tons of amazing boutiques all online — and created a destination that connects savvy shoppers with thousands of handpicked boutiques across the globe. Founded in 2012 by Olga Vidisheva with just 25 boutiques on the platform, Shoptiques now has thousands of stores on the site — and quickly growing.

Wanna shop yet? Well two lucky winners will each receive a $25 Gift Card to!!

Now For The Giveaway!

This giveaway will run through 2/15/16 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time and is open to US residents ages 18+. Chances of winning depend on entries received. Winner is subject to eligibility verification and will have 24 hours to confirm before a new winner will be drawn. For any questions or concerns please email (please consider adding this email to your “Safe List” as the winning email notification will be sent from this email.) Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools form. Thank You for stopping by! By following us on our social networks and by email we are able to get the best giveaways together on the internet! Please take a minute to “like” us on Facebook! Be sure to enter as often as possible. Thank You & Good Luck!

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Spectacular Savings on Cricut Explore Air™ Machine and Bundles!

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start thinking about making personalized cards and gifts. Instead of cramping up your hand muscles cutting out hearts and cute designs with clunky scissors, save yourself time and elevate your design by using a Cricut Explore Air. Without a doubt, this is the best crafting device available. 

It's not only versatile and easy to use, it's also on sale right now at Cricut! You'll be able to get:

✂ $50 off the Cricut Explore Air 

The Explore Air Machine's Bundle of Benefits
With the Cricut Explore Air™, you can cut over 60 different types of material, including paper, fabric, plastic and vinyl to name a few. The Explore Air also features Cut Smart™ technology, which allows you to cut a wide range of shapes and sizes with exceptional precision, from ¼" tall up to 11½" wide x 23½" tall. 

This Cricut Explore machine is called the Air because it has built-in Bluetooth® capability. This means you can use Cricut’s free iPad app and design anything you want from your iPad, just like you would on your home computer, but with the convenience of being able to take your projects with you anywhere. Then, you can just wirelessly send your project from your iPad to your Explore Air to bring it to life.

While the Cricut Explore Air is impressive on its own, purchasing it with one of Cricut's bundle offerings makes it even more valuable. Each bundle comes with different accessories that allow you to expand your creativity and make your crafting projects even more simple and fun to create. Plus, by purchasing your Explore Air with a bundle, you're able to save a bundle in the process! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Wish Thief Review

The Wish Thief

By C.D. Verhoff

A young rock collector from a troubled family sets out to find a priceless gem. Just as the prize appears within reach, otherworldly beings arrive to foil her plans. A battle of wits versus magic ensues, unraveling the order of the universe, and only the girl who started it all can return things to normal. Considering her miserable life back home, surely there's a better option than 'normal', but can she find it before time runs out?

  • Family drama with sprinkles of magic.
  • Christian Fantasy for modern readers. 
  • Recommended for Ages 12 to 112.

Reviewers Say: 

"Glory is a brave, adventurous, and highly imaginative girl. She makes a believable and likable central character. Her difficulties with her schoolmates are easily recognized; so are the problems that beset her family. In one form or another, they are nearly universal. This makes the book an interesting combination of the familiar and the fantastic." ~ Cherokee R.

"From start to finish this book was a pleasure to read and ponder." ~ Jim B.

"I enjoyed this imaginative book tremendously, rooting for Glory and the whole family. Highly recommended." ~ Lucy M.

"This story is definitely at the top of the list of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. The author draws you into a realistic dramatic family life with a little fantasy on the side. This crazy family will make you appreciate your own." ~D.R. at Ebook Review

"Glory Alley isn't a wizard, she doesn't slay vampires or zombies, but she kicks butt in her very own way. Her weapon is never giving up. Glory rocks!" ~Nicole from CO


Glory Alley loved to collect rocks. It was her escape from living in a dilapidated house with an alcoholic, abusive father, along with siblings, and classmates who bullied her. She and best friend Clash are usually found spelunking through Queen’s Mesa, even though it was off-limits to Glory. She never believed the folklore about midget Wybbils and a Hoogula devil-dog living in the Mesa caves. That was before she was chased by the Hoogula, and kidnapped by the Wybbils. Now all she can think about is getting back to the home and family that she so despised.

I liked Glory’s spunky personality. The plot was interesting enough to keep me wondering about the outcome and how it was going to affect Glory. This took me back to my own childhood and the adventures I went on. I enjoyed reading from the point of view of a thirteen-year-old, remembering the awkwardness and alienation at that age. I can’t wait to read about Glory’s next adventure.

My review can also be found at:

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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