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The Sibylline Oracle Review

The Sibylline Oracle: The Sibylline Trilogy 

(The Oracles Book 1)

By Delia Colvin 


"A mix of the easy charm and undying love from Twilight and the intelligence, wit, and mystery of The Da Vinci Code." 

Can love defy time? 

When she's rescued by handsome Alex Morgan, Valeria thinks she's found her happy ending. But Alex knows the terrifying truth...time is running out! And unless they can discover the source of an ancient curse, fate will take her life...again. Greek Mythology and modern romance intertwine in this addictive trilogy. 

THE SIBYLLINE TRILOGY - a love more enduring than life...than death...than destiny. 

Alex and Cassandra are both Oracles, immortals who have visions. Each time Alex and other Oracles die, they return to life within 24 hours. For some unknown reason though, when Cassandra dies, she stays dead. Later, she is reborn as a mortal person with no former memory. Since she originally died on her 27th birthday, every life thereafter ends on that birthday also. Being her soul mate, Alex has searched and found her with each life. But he always fails to save her each time. But with his latest attempt, he isn’t alone. With the help of his Oracle family, will he finally succeed in saving her?

This was such a hauntingly sad love story to me. Alex had such patience. It couldn’t have been easy for him. I admit I don’t know much Greek mythology. I have never been interested in it, and knowing that this story was following along that line, I didn’t think I would enjoy it. But it was a great read. I even didn’t mind learning a bit more of the mythology. I know I’m going to enjoy reading the rest of this series.   

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About the Author

Delia Colvin
She authors a popular blog and is listed as a contributor in two business books. While developing her skills as an author, Delia worked in a variety of occupations from marketing to entrepreneur, Air Traffic Controller and Russian Interpreter. But her passion is in writing and helping people. Delia has donated both time and money to literacy programs around the country. 

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol Review

Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol: Book I

By Joe Dacy II 

"Since knowledge is but sorrow's spy, it is not safe to know." -- Sir William Davenant, English poet and playwright (1606-1668) 

Meet Esquelle (Es - Cue - El´) Données, a beautiful French information technologist having a leisurely cup of coffee at her favorite cafe in Versailles twenty-five years in the future. Two terrorists, intent on kidnapping, are watching her. Two NSA agents are monitoring her every move. And no less than five national intelligences services are about to disrupt her quiet life. 

And all because of her older brother Bernard, a reclusive genius of an engineer whose inventions have been deemed a threat to the national security of the United States. His quantum encryption system has already been slammed with a Secrecy Order, and now his new communications device threatens economic and political devastation. His enemies will stop at nothing to prevent him from developing his world-changing breakthrough. 

And they have the means to do so. In the fields of information technology, global communications, medicine, surveillance and military hardware, technology in development today has been realized. To protect its power and its secrets, a shadowy group within the US government will bring that technology to bear as they once again invoke the Telsa Protocol against Esquelle and her brother. 

The first in a developing series, this book is a high-octane, hard-science thriller: an intricate dance of cause-and-effect where the axioms of the past drive the decisions of the future in a world where knowledge is both power and peril.  


Esquelle is an expert in IT software. She is in fact so good, that IBM recruiters continually contact her to join their software development group. But she has a secret, which makes her want to stay independent. She has a chip implant near her brain that allows her to connect to the Internet and store tons of data virtually without any external hardware. Because of her genius brother Bernard’s creative technological inventions, both are considered security threats to the United States. While Bernard is safely hidden from everyone, Esquelle has NSA and Jihad terrorists after her.  Their Uncle Robbie, head of a French intelligence service, uses all his resources trying to keep Esquelle safe.  Esquelle has a few tricks of her own, but will it be enough to save her?

I admit that I don’t know exactly how a computer works; I only know how to use one. There was tons of explaining the computing process. I felt like I got a condensed lesson on the ins and outs of computing. I actually enjoyed it, mostly. It did get a bit over-technical though, for the regular people, like me. The story was well written, with well-rounded characters. I would definitely read more from this series. 

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About the Author

A former reporter and editor, I hold a Bachelor of Journalism degree with High Honors from The University of Texas. After about six years in journalism and eight years selling real estate, I entered the field of law enforcement and served as a patrolman and detention officer for four years.

For the next 18 years I worked in computer software training, holding various positions in the fields of sales force automation, telecom, web development and business intelligence.

At the end of 2013, I retired from the rat-race, giving me time to concentrate on my role as an author. My life-long passion is good science-fiction! Having grown up with the greats, I am determined to become one. I love cats, landscaping and reading good books.

Friday, November 28, 2014

La Bella Baskets #HolidayGiftGuideBloggers100

I love baskets. It doesn't matter what kind, I love them all. They are so versatile. 

Our wonderful PR Friendly, Holiday Gift Guide 100+ Bloggers think that La Bella Baskets has something everyone will love this Holiday Season - we just can not keep it to ourselves. 

La Bella Baskets gift selection offers beautiful gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding/romance and special holidays. For sensitive occasions, our sympathy and get well baskets can convey your deepest sentiments. La Bella Baskets, gift selection offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for something for the chocolate, coffee, or fine cheese lover in your life, or seeking a tasteful gift for a business or corporate function, you'll find what you're looking for with our baskets. Our gifts are the perfect idea for any occasion. We have over 400 gifts and they are always changing with the season's and holiday's. Our basket store is full of gifts for women, men, teens, children and infants. Our Fall gifts are currently in the store and the Christmas gifts will be out very soon.

La Bella also offers a personalized gift store with 600 gifts to choose from. We have personalized keepsakes for your family and friends. From wine and beer glasses to picture frames, jewelry and candles. Personalized gifts for women, men, teens, children and infants. Come back to the personalized gift store often as the gifts here change with the season's and holiday's as well.

Check out this incredible Wonderland Tower of Goodies - Perfect for anyone on your holiday shopping list. 

This delightful silver and red snowflake tower evokes a winter wonderland and is a great way to wish someone Happy Holidays this season. Each silver box holds a different sweet treat, including peppermint crunch bites, chocolate covered pretzels, mint chip malt balls, Ghirardelli assorted chocolate squares, chocolate chip cookies and red green and white jelly beans. Ho, ho, ho!

Meet Julie  / La Bella Baskets Consultant...... Julie  resides in Georgia with her wonderful husband and terrific son. We have lived here for 24 years. Even though I'm from the Midwest I now call Georgia my home. Julie has been a consultant with La Bella Baskets since 2012 and can help you find the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

La Bella Baskets
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Guy in Your Life! #HolidayGiftGuideBloggers100

We've covered the ladies. Now let's see what we can do for the men. These are great ideas, don't you think?

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the man in your life?  Holidays are supposed to be fun - but finding that perfect gift for your father, brother, boyfriend or husband can be overwhelming at times. Our 100 PR Friendly Blogger's Best Picks 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

The SportsTek Lightwear 4 is 1 built-to-last! Sturdy construction offers easy press buttons and easily adjustable modes that will bump up the lighting power quickly and easily. This will be a gift for all guys - so grab a few or one for everyone on your list !

Give deep therapeutic Golf Ball Massage while comfortably protecting your hand and controlling the ball. Also great to use on yourself or a partner.Massaging your partner is wonderful, but let’s face it, your hands can get tired! The SPAball Kaddy allows the person doing the massaging to be able to apply deep pressure, without having to work as hard.

Each of our screen protectors is crafted from intelliGLASS™, our most advanced protection yet.  intelliGLASS™ is crafted from hardened glass that offers better than steel scratch protection, an oil and smudge resident outer coating, and advanced silicone adhesion that eliminates bubbles and permanent residue.The result is unmatched protection with out losing clarity or touchscreen sensitivity.  


With Key Holder and Bonus. Guaranteed Best Choice for Comfortable, Non-slip Workout Protection for Your Apple Phone. Lightweight, Water Resistant, Washable Pro-athlete Quality for Jogging, Gym, Fitness and Workouts

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Unique Gifts for Women #HolidayGiftGuideBloggers100

Check out these great gift ideas for that special lady. You know, the one that's so hard to please!

Finding the perfect gift for those ladies in your life does not have to be hard.  Surprise your mother, aunt, sister, or even your best friend with one of these  ideas from our 100 PR Friendly Blogger's Best Picks 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

Rossina Julissa has a perfect gift ... Exotic Argan Oil Texture Hair Paste 
 It is light when applied, but gives great texture and you can easily get that funky spiked look or the slick sophisticated style you want. This amazing smelling, easy to use, light weight, semi matte finish paste, that's non-greasy with medium hold. So go out with your head held high, knowing you look great and that others will think so too. One warning - just be prepared for those compliments you will get.  Click HERE to Shop Now
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For over 10 years Beauty Care Choices has taken pride in helping shoppers locate products that they once found in a salon and now can't locate the item because the salon moved or they moved or the salon is no longer carrying the products or numerous other reasons.   So many brands, and Gifts for Hair, Skin, Cosmetics, Nails, Tools, Travel. 

Oridel's LIQUID GEM™ Regenerating Face Oil uses the healing processes of natural botanicals to bring your skin a warm dewy glow that seems to shine from within. Just one pump from this bottle can significantly soothe your skin, and especially skin damaged by the application of drying retinol treatments or other medications. Yet it is light and refreshing, does not feel oily or heavy, and has been specifically formulated to have a pleasing aroma that won't overpower the senses.

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Bootights and Darby’s from traditional hosiery. Designed to be worn with boots, they have an actual performance sock attached. Brilliant, right? It’s the socks that make your feet feel incredibly comfy in your boots all day long.  It’s the sock that protects against snags and runs, making them more durable so they last longer. It’s the sock that makes your life a little easier. It’s one less thing to think about. No more scrounging around for the right socks to layer over your thin tights. It’s all-in-one. 

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Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

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Win a Holly Clegg Cookbook #HolidayGiftGuideBloggers100

Do you feel like you need help with your cooking? Or maybe you want to gain a better knowledge in the kitchen.Then, this is for you!

Holly is known as the “Queen of Quick” and has used this motto to guide her through the creation of her trim&.TERRIFIC® cookbook series, which has sold over one million books! Gold Recipient of prestigious Mom's Choice Award. Being an Award-Winner in General Cookbook' category of 2012, sponsored by USA Best Book Awards, with USA Book News, Holly, has been featured on TV, Print, Online and also Holly's Phone App: Mobile Rush Hour Recipes: with recipes, shopping lists, photos, serving suggestions and nutritional information. Read more about Holly here. 

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The Great Carrier Reef Review

The Great Carrier Reef

By Phil Green 

Desolate and bereaved Daniel abandoned his former life in Florida, relocating to London immersing himself in his new career with Scotland Yard. It seems that death followed him, wherever he called home when his friend and neighbour was tragically murdered for political gains. When apprehended the murderer revealed to Daniel that his Mother’s unexplained sudden death was not natural as he had believed his whole life but that she had been eliminated. 

It is said that death comes in three’s, for Daniel this was true. He received news that his Aunt and Uncle, the last of his extensive family had also been found dead leaving him the remaining heir to the extensive Morris family estate. Upon his return home, for their funerals he reconnects with his childhood friend Lizzie, the daughter of the family lawyer, Charles Price. 

With their assistance and encouragement Daniel begins to unravel his family’s secrets which ultimately led to so many tragic deaths. He unearths ground breaking technology and dark government links, assumed long abandoned in his Grandfather’s military past. 

The more Daniel delves into his family’s history the more he uncovers the incredible lengths they went to to protect their discovery, a technology that could topple Governments or benefit humanity and change the world for generations to come. 

Will Daniels investigative skills allow him to finally realise his family’s dreams for the planet and in doing so will he finally be able to lay his family ghosts, and his own, to rest ... ?



When Dan was eight-years-old, his mother died unexpectantly, and he went to live with his grandparents. He grew up very close to his two cousins, Matt and Ashley, and their friend Lizzie. When his grandparents died, Dan moved to London and withdrew from everyone. Then he finds out that Matt, Ashley and her parents have disappeared while on an outing on the family yacht. While on the job, Dan loses his cool on a suspect during interrogation, and is suspended. He comes back home to find Matt’s parents have died from a botched home invasion. With his entire family wiped out, Dan feels that it is time he learns all the family secrets that were kept from him for many years. With the help of Lizzie, and her father Charlie, long-time family lawyer and friend, Dan discovers just how far back the secrets go, and just how far his family would go to keep them.

This book had me laughing, crying, and begging for more. The pure evil in the villain was superbly done, and made me hate him for the things he did. The technical descriptions felt too long though. I finally started to skim over them just to get past them, since I couldn’t really visualize totally what was being described. I felt like the story was well written but long-winded. Even so, I didn’t want it to end and I hope the author continues the story. 

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**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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But I Said Forever Review

But I Said Forever

By Jennifer Gilby Roberts


Expect little, forgive much?

After a whirlwind courtship, Brittany Beresford married her Prince Charming and looked forward to living happily ever after. Five years later, she’s been reduced to a not-quite-desperate housewife, with a husband who spends more time flossing his teeth than holding meaningful conversations with her.

She braves his disapproval and turns working mother and, other than feeling far more drawn to a handsome baker she works with than him, things seem to be looking up. But then Brittany discovers that her husband’s “hobbies” include something even worse than golf - and he expects her to put up and shut up.

Fairy tale illusions shattered, but still believing marriage is for life and wanting the best for her son, Brittany has a choice to make: should she follow her heart, or her conscience?


Brittany is living the dream of every young girl. She’s married to an affluent doctor, has a baby, and a beautiful home. Since moving to a new town to be closer to Phillip’s job, their marriage seems to be growing distant. And on top of that, Brittany is going stir crazy being shut in with the baby day in and day out. When she hires a nanny and goes job hunting, Phillip shows his displeasure but thinks that she will tire of it and go back to being just a housewife and mother. After working a month in a small bakery, Brittany not only keeps the job, but upon learning a secret that Phillip has been keeping from her, she files for divorce. But being sheltered her entire life, will she be able to work and raise a baby on her own?

I resonated with Brittany’s smothered life. It’s a shock to wake up and find you have lost yourself along the way. Every mother needs me time away from their baby, with and without her husband. The author did a wonderful job of giving life to each of the characters. I like the way the relationship between Brittany and Zack was slow moving and the story not focused on it. I also appreciated the humor splattered throughout. It helped to bring balance to the story.

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**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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Goodreads     Website

About the Author
Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Jennifer Gilby Roberts has a degree in physics and a postgraduate certificate in computing, so writing fiction was inevitable really. She was born and grew up in Surrey/Greater London, but now lives in Richmond, North Yorkshire with her husband, small daughter, two middle-aged cats and a lot of dust bunnies. She also has a grown-up step-daughter and a large extended family (by marriage). 

Her job right now is taking care of her younger daughter (who was born three months premature, but is doing just fine now), but previously she worked many thrilling jobs in administration, including one in an insurance claims office (wholly unrelated to the one in 'The Dr Pepper Prophecies'...).

She's written two novels, both in the chick-lit genre, four novellas and a variety of short stories.