Monday, September 3, 2012

Cardboard Dominoes

Hello all.  I hope everyone is safe after Hurricane Issac's visit.  I hope too, that you're enjoying your Labor Day holiday.

Ok, picture this.  Hubby and I are sitting at the dining room table enjoying a round of dominoes.  In walks my grandson, Gavin, fresh off the school bus.  This means that it is time for supper.  I finish the cooking and we eat. 

Afterward it's homework time.  This is when I find out that the homework for the night is to make a science model.  Due the next morning.  I mean, I'm a grandmother.  Do I look like I have science junk laying around?   It's been a long time since I had to do this ...stuff!

So, internet time.  We looked, and looked, and looked.  Everything we found had to have things that I didn't have on hand.  We couldn't go to town, no time or money.   

Then, it hits me.  The solution is right in front of me. 


He just needed a model of anything.  Why not dominoes made from cardboard? 

Here's how we made them.

First, I dug out my cardboard stash.

I had Gavin open the boxes at the seams.

Next, I turned the boxes inside out and had Gavin glue the insides together.  This was done because we needed the brown on both sides of the domino.

When dry, I had him cut down the fold in the middle to create 2 pieces.

The real dominoes measured 1" x 2".  Using my paper cutter, I cut several 1x2 rectangles from the 2 pieces of glued cardboard.

I gave Gavin my junk mail and a hole punch, and had him punch away.  This part he really liked doing.  :)

I made a pattern for him to use for the middle line.  I used a pencil and left tiny dots everywhere he needed to glue his punched holes.  He did the rest.

They look good don't they?  In fact, he made a 100, and his was one of a few that the teacher kept (for personal use).  It doesn't get any better than that!

Enjoy your day, see you soon.


  1. Hi Julie! Saw your blog hop over on Adorned from Above. I'm your newest follower on Pinterest and on your blog! Hope you will come over and check out my blog when you get a minute, and follow me too!
    I love your creativeness in making the Dominos and the fact that you let your g-son do the work! Way to go granny!

    1. Thanks Suzy! Glad you found me. I'll return the favor as soon as I can.