Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Village Collection

How many of you have a Christmas village collection?  Sorry to say, I don't.  I just don't have the budget for one, even if I were to buy a piece at a time.  I do enjoy seeing them on display though. 

Have you seen the handmade houses at A Creative Dream?  Yes, I said Handmade!!!  Take a look at these?

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Aren't they darling?  Look at that first one, the yellow and red one.  Guess what?  I just won it!  I think it is so cute.  I know it's not traditional colors or style, but I'm not very traditional anyway.  As you can see from the picture, it can also be used as an ornament.  I don't think so!  This is my first Christmas village piece, and that's how it's gonna be used.  It even has a hole in the back to insert a light.

So, I can now say I have started my Christmas village collection!  And since it started as handmade, guess I'll have to figure out what I can make to add to it.  Stay know me, I'll think of something.


  1. I can't believe those were handmade!! They look amazing and dare I say, better than many I've seen in stores for sale!

    I hope you're having a great week my dear!
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    Jean {What Jean Likes}

    1. I thought so too Jean. Thanks so much for the reminder email about the Blog hop (good strategy by the way!). I've already linked.

  2. Great win. I cannot afford one as well but this village piece is very cute. Have fun building it.

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    1. Thanks Chandana. I just found your site and am following it. Love your work.

  7. I love these miniature, they look gorgeous.I am your newest follower and would love you to join my blog too.

    1. Thank you Christine. I have been following your blog for several months now.