Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Blooms

This is our new outdoor project.

Ain't it purty!  There's two grape vines planted on each end.

I think it makes a purty background to these gorgeous blooms.

And speaking of blooms, see how bright and beautiful these blooms really are?  Can you see my frog sitting there?

This is the circle drive behind my house.  Look at all those blooms.

Here's a closer view.  These were just small plantings last summer.

This is the other side.

This larger one is a year older than the others.

These two also.

First year for my azaleas too.

These look red in the pic, but they are actually a very pretty coral.

The pinks are just starting to bloom.

These just come up on their own.  They are native to this area.

This is a closer view of them.

These too, but they are all too small to try to photograph.

I just wanted to share my beautiful surroundings with you.


  1. Oh, you have the prettiest garden!! I love love the trellis...White is beautiful in any garden. Thanks soo much for sharing. Those flowers are sooo pretty! XO

    1. I totally agree!. Thanks Loretta.

  2. Good Luck! I am trying to get my outdoor done that has been neglected for two years. I will do it. I have to keep telling myself that~

    1. Just take your time and do a little here and there. That's what I do. I never get it all done, and you can probably tell by looking at my pics. But I'm satisfied. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. it looks great!!

    Thanks for linking up with out bloglovin a new follower, hope you can follow back :)