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Broken Sky Review

Broken Sky

By Saurav Dutt

Part proceeds of "Broken Sky" benefit the charities Shelter, Big Issue and PATH (Los Angeles) and Stroke and Brain Injury charities. 

Under the glassy, dark pallor of a Manhattan sky, deep within the fall, Madison Avenue is teeming with people. Commuters and shoppers scurry past like frenzied ants, paying no attention to a woman who has been sitting there loitering for months on end. They pass her by paying no attention to the vacant stare and sullen expression wrapped around her worn features. She has no name. She is homeless, wandering the streets and denying any memory of the past and any hope for the future. 

Though she finds no hope amongst the throng of uncaring faces around her, she is sat there for a very careful and deliberate purpose. One that will bring her closer to the daughter she left behind years ago and which at the same time will place both of their lives in mortal danger. 

Selected for the 2014 London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair. 

Part proceeds of "Broken Sky" benefit the charities Shelter, Big Issue and PATH (Los Angeles). 

Author Saurav Dutt has also released the short stories "The Pugilist's Son" which benefits the Muhammad Ali Center and "The Wind Sculpture" which was written for Martin Luther King Day. 

John is a detective in Manhattan. Walking to work every day, he notices a female bum staked out in front of a hotel. She seems so out of place that he strikes up a conversation with her. When she claims to have amnesia, John doesn’t know whether to believe her or not. Days later, he rescues her from being arrested, and brings her home with him. This begins a series of events that puts both of them in danger from her mob boss ex-husband.

I like the way the characters are drawn together. Gina was spunky and very likeable. You could feel the love story unfolding between her and John even from the beginning. Although I knew the direction the story was headed, I still was intrigued with each character introduced. It surprised he when I recognized a character from one of the author’s other books. I like when that happens. 

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About the Author
Dutt first published a biography of the BAFTA and Golden Globe Award winning actor and star of 'The Wrestler' Mickey Rourke entitled 'Stand Alone: The Films Of Mickey Rourke'. Released in the Fall of 2011 it remains his biggest commercial success to date winning plaudits from fans and critics alike for its scholarly approach to the actors work. The book 'Stand Alone' is an exhaustive critical analysis of the actors career and work which also includes interviews and comments from Rourke himself. In addition this book he has produced biographies of 'Jaws' and 'French Connection' actor Roy Scheider and 80's teen star of hit movies such as 'The Lost Boys' Corey Haim entitled 'License to Dream' which overtook the sales of his début biography on Mickey Rourke. Dutt put together a short story 'The Pugilist's Son' detailing the fractured relationship between a boxing trainer and his son training for the Olympics which was released in October 2013 and was featured in Boxing Insider, MMA Uncaged and Martial Arts Illustrated Magazines. Dutt partnered with the Muhammad Ali Center to donate all proceeds from the book to the charity. His début novel 'Broken Sky' was released in Early 2014 and will feature at the 2014 London Book Fair, Abu Dhabi International Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair. A biography on Oscar nominated actor Val Kilmer is in the works to be released in 2014, featuring analysis, reviews and commentary and much like his book on Mickey Rourke, the book is eagerly anticipated by fans of the actor. Dutt also released a follow up to his critically acclaimed biography on Rourke in late 2013 entitled 'Hollywood Outlaw: The Mickey Rourke Story' featuring all new reviews, critical commentary, film analysis articles and an exclusive interview with Mickey Rourke himself. Dutt has also has put his artistry to use by working with esteemed graphic novel studio Scattered Comics to produce a martial arts based action comic entitled 'Sword' in the vein of The Expendables, Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies which is due for release in 2014. A special short story entitled 'The Wind Sculpture' was released on Wattpad, clocking up almost 2,000 reads in less than 72 hours. Written for Martin Luther King Day and as a tribute to both King and Nelson Mandela, the story gained popularity through social media and has been converted to audiobook video format to coincide with Martin Luther King Day on January 20th, 2014.


  1. Oh, I think the cover to this book is just gorgeous! If the idea of the story didn't make me want to read it already, I think the cover alone would.