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To Live the Future Book Review

To Live the Future

By Hayuta Katzenelson

To Live the Future by [Katzenelson, Hayuta]

She saves many families, while losing her own

Poland 1938. Eve of the Second World War. Rivka sends her husband and three beloved children to the United States, where they will find safe shelter from the war. She realizes that she will probably never see them again, but a strong commitment urges her to stay behind. To her family, she says she must stay to support her elderly parents who are too old to leave. But the truth is that besides her day job as a librarian, Rivka is also a spy for the Jewish underground in Palestine. Now, in face of war, her work is more valuable than ever.

A gripping historical drama of bravery and sacrifice

During the war, Rivka continues to execute her tasks as a spy with remarkable determination, certain that her work will save the lives of thousands. At the same time, the letters she receives from her family tell of painful drama and tragedies. If only she could join her family and ease their pain. But she remains loyal to her mission, sacrificing her private life for the sake of the public good.

A young mother, a practicing Jew and a relentless spy

Living the Future is a historical drama, taking place in a time of an unprecedented and uncompromising battle between cultures and identities. A story of a woman with remarkable determination and strength; that saves countless families… while losing her own.


Germany was invading Poland, causing anguish to the Jewish population. With an unstable and grim future, Yaakov had no choice but to move his family out of Poland. His sister Hannah, who lived in America with her family had secured lodging and work for him. So all that was left to do was to pack his wife, Rivka, and their three children up and leave. But Rivka refused to leave her aging mother and father behind. Yaakov and the children barely survive the voyage, and only find temporary happiness.

Unknown to Rivka’s family, she was a top-notch spy, secretly relaying intelligence for the cause of the homeland peoples, and that was even more reason for her to stay. As events escalate around Rivka, she lives to regret her decision to stay behind, and prays she will one day see her children again.

I felt so sorry for this family, for all the trials and sorrow they had to overcome. This author has helped me to understand the tribulations that the Jewish nation went through more than I ever learned in school. I was able to put myself in the shoes of these characters and feel the anguish they were going through. It was obvious that the story would come full circle, but it was not knowing the outcome of the circumstances that had me turning the pages nonstop.

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