Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Giveaway

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of cool giveaways I came across.

The first one is for a quilled flower frame that Azlina at Lin Handmade Greetings Card is giving away.  This is what it looks like:

I just love it!  The giveaway ends April 30th, so don't wait.  You can enter by going here

The other giveaway is for a guestbook. 

How pretty!  This giveaway also ends April 30th.  You can enter it by going  here.   This is the description from Saza at Share Your Love With Cards blogspot. 

For my first giveaway, I have one (1) guestbook to be given away (A4 size; 100 pages). This guestbook was embellished with my handmade paper flower and it was hand stitched with Japanese Stab binding. It can be used as your wedding guestbook, or utilise it to display your photos, or turning it into a scrapbook. Or you can share your love with give it away as a wedding present.

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