Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flower Pot Bird Feeder

I have a flower garden that is a work in progress. 

You may recognize my painted stepping stones.  I have them meandering through the garden.  Also, notice the light bulb ladybug nestled beneath the flamingo.  The various stakes were Mother's Day gifts.  Since all my plants were transplanted this year, I guess they are not going to bloom.  So, for more color, I decided to make use of the plastic disposable pots that the plants came in. 

I started with 4 pots and wired them together.  I then painted them and wired a platter on top.  This is what I  came up with.

Yea, I know the pictures aren't great.  My camera broke and I had to use my phone.  (Note to self: Get the camera fixed!!!).  

Just ignore the totes and buckets in the background.  Where I live, either it storms or no rain at all.  I have to catch all I can.  The flowers and grass (what little I have) seem to thrive on the rainwater more than hose water.

I just wanted you to see what can be done with disposable materials.  It really does look good in the garden with that pop of purple and orange.  This has been a lot of work but next spring will show the rewards.  I can't wait to see it!

Til next time, have fun!

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