Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wash Day

Doing the wash is a hassle, don't you think?  I mean, all the washing, and drying, and folding, and then putting up.  Makes me tired just thinking about it. 

There's one part though, that I don't mind doing, and that's the drying!    I don't mean the appliance dryer either.

I mean the clothesline, baby!!!

Assuming the weather is cooperating.

You can tell by the pictures that I am so OCD about hanging them.

Jeans, sleep loungers, then shorts, then shirts, then socks.  (Doesn't everyone do it this way?)

WARNING:  The following pictures may be offensive to some viewers.

Normally I don't air my dirty laundry, but I'm proving a point.  Besides, it's not dirty, it's clean. 
(Pun intended)

Second line:  rest of shirts, t-shirts, boxers, wrags (that's southern for rags!).

Justa blowin in tha breeze.

Boy, I hope my son never sees this.  (Sorry K)

Socks all there and in order.  I'm happy.

So far, all these pictures have showed you my former clothesline.  It was strung from tree to tree to tree, triangle shaped.  This worked good.

But now, see my new, improved, state of the art clothesline!

I feel like a modern lady now.

Believe it or not, this is genuine clothesline rope.  I found out that you can't pull it tight enough.  It will just stretch out again.  Guess I'll have to get the wire instead.
Because of this, I have to hang half of the clothes on one end, and the rest on the other end.

So, now this means that I have to put a jean on each line to distribute the weight..

This looks all wrong!

You don't know how much this is bugging me.

Shirts on the other end, three to each line.
Now we talkin!  Doesn't that look nice.

Oh yea!  All the little piggies lined in a row.

 What the...?  Where's the mates?  This can't be happening.  This is so wrong.  Oh no.  OCD kicking in.

 Gotta.   Stop.   Looking.

 When I first started hanging out my wash, my 7 year old grandson asked me how come I don't dry my clothes the right way, like everybody else. 

Ah, innocence.  Whadda you say to that!

Hope you enjoyed this look into my crazy domesticity.  See ya next time!

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