Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year Two Statistics

Another year down.  We take the good with the bad, and move on.  Thank you all for allowing me to still be here.  Knowing I have followers makes it all worthwhile.

Last December I shared my statistics for the year with you.  This year I thought I would share them again, but this time I have a past year to compare them to.

                       2012                 2013                            TOTAL

Posts                52                      52                                 104       
Comments     394                    383                                 777        

     Bloglovin      11                       91                                 102
     Linky            17                         5                                   22
     GFC             87                      74                                 161        
     Google+                                 33                                   33
     Networked                               4                                     4
                         115                   207                                322

Page views    6,493              9,315                          25,808

The month with the most page views was September with 2,343, compared to 2012's December month with 1,060.

The comment numbers were pretty close but looking at the followers, I'd say I did very well indeed.

Thanks so much for your continued interest.  May you have a wonderful 2014.


  1. Keep blogging! You'll get there :)
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