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Near Somewhere Review

Near Somewhere

By Edward Cozza

Connection. Townes Mantle has hit the wall in his life and he doesn't really feel a connection with anyone. He has his dog, and he has his band partner Zeeder. but he needs more, and now his life of endless travel is rapidly making his nerves unravel. He needs someone to share his life with, someone to tell him he is all right, tell him he isn't going to fall apart. He just needs to rearrange, get out the novel he has been writing, and the universe will talk care of the rest. That is when three women enter his life and his complications take on an entirely different tone. With the return of characters(from previous novel Nowhere Yet), Annie and Kat, who both take a liking to Townes, but are themselves struggling with their own internal forces. Add to the mix: a despicable person from Annie's past that won't go away. Towne's closest friend Zeeder, with seemingly no traceable past. A famous actress with a mystical sense. A high spirited wine maker, and the connections begin in ernest, but not without complication. Trouble lurks within the man from Annie's past and his unscrupulous cohorts, which could prove to be dangerous for anyone near them. Southern California, New York, Dallas and the California Wine country serve as the backdrop for people connecting with each other, and Townes doing everything he can to keep from throwing his briefcase in the river and walking away. With a Foreword by Chef Dean Fearing, Near Somewhere is the second installment of the series by author Edward Cozza, that began with IPPY Gold Medal and 3 Beverly Hills Book Awards winner for his debut novel Nowhere Yet.

Towne felt like life was passing him by. He had written a book that would hopefully be published, he played various musical gigs with his best friend, and he did consulting that took him from California to New York. So what was the problem? He was ready to share his experiences and settle down with someone. At that point, not one, but three women walk into his life. Could it get any more complicating?

This story was a bit puzzling to me. I kept getting the feeling that Towne was going to wake up and find out that it was all a story in his book, or that he was being treated as an alcoholic who had lost it. I really wasn’t sure that everything was on the up and up. And I’m not sure if the author meant the plot to read that way or not. Otherwise, the story was enjoyable to me. I liked the character camaraderie. I just wish that there had been more closure to some parts of the story. 

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Edward Cozza
Ed takes great care and pride in living a tapestry of experience. In his youth, Ed lived the exhilarating richness of Colorado, the sultry tropical allure of Florida, and now in his second young life in postcard-perfect Southern California. He calls a drive by the Pacific a "Chamber of Commerce" day and his every stay at Ritz-Carlton a venerable experience. He's now been tramping in all but eight of the fifty states and almost all of the Major League ballparks. He left the business-to-business corporate world a while ago; when he settled in Southern Cali, he decided to finally meet the voices in his head that followed him from cityscape to rural burg. 

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