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Songs of the Deliverer Book Review

Songs of the Deliverer: 

A Modern Day Story of Christ

By Elvo Fortunado Bucci

A man is born to save the world

Who will follow him?

A baby is with his young mother in a manger, destined to be the savior. But he is crucified on the cross and never gets the chance. Two thousand years later, a man enters the void of a godless era to bring salvation to the world. This is the story of Christ transported in time to modern day.
“Songs of the Deliverer” is a contemporary novel told from the perspective of Jonny, a young boy who is called to be the chronicler of the life of Emmanuel, a streetwalker living in a homeless shelter. In his coming of age, Jonny is introduced as an uneducated orphan who goes on to witness and reveal the mystery of faith for all future generations to know.
Set among the oppressed and the imprisoned in a wretched nation controlled by tyrannical kings and religious persecutors, “Songs of the Deliverer” is a Christian fantasy tale of the Messiah that reveals the abiding truth of his sacred mission. Accompanied by the inspirational songs of a popular musician, the book tells of the adventures of Emmanuel that parallel Biblical stories: a young girl suffering from a dreaded disease; a police officer with one last chance to save his dying son, a polio stricken child unable to walk; a deaf teen arrested for a crime; a disillusioned and disdained woman, a doubting college student who comforts a stray dog, and an ambitious television reporter desperate to break the greatest story ever told and willing to trade her soul in return. These are among the people Emmanuel has come to help on his divine journey. In answer to the prophecy, Emmanuel travels the land as teacher, helper, friend, and miracle worker to deliver us from the evil of the world.
Emmanuel is sent to proclaim the spiritual message from God above that will change our lives forever. Now, the time of his fulfillment has come.

He is the Deliverer

Follow him

***MY HONEST REVIEW OF Songs of the Deliverer***

If you take the story of Jesus’ life from the Bible and give it a modern update, you end up with Songs of the Deliverer. I enjoyed the contemporary spin on the greatest story ever told. I think others will enjoy it as well, even those unfamiliar with the original. It was amazing how this author could re-tell this story in a unique way, but still leave it true to the source. It was a challenge for me to identify each of the characters, knowing the part they played during Jesus’ time, but with different names. I loved the songs that were included in the story. They were very passionate, and I could tell how much the author enjoys music. Of course the Bible reflections helped to clarify how the story coincided with the word of the Bible. This was a refresher for me, and even though I knew how the story would end, I found myself hoping for a different ending. I would enjoy seeing more of this type of writing from this author.

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