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Dirty Money Book Review

Dirty Money: U.S. Presidential Elections 2016

By Ramesh S. Arunachalam

Dirty Money: U.S. Presidential Elections 2016 by [Arunachalam, Ramesh S]
“Over a fourteen-year period from 1999 to 2013, one hedge fund carried out out an investment strategy utilizing hundreds of millions of trades, virtually all of which lasted less than 12 months, and characterized the vast majority of the resulting $34 billion in trading profits as long-term capital gains ... resulting in estimated tax avoidance of more than $6 billion.”– Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, United States Senate, 2014

This publicly recorded statement exposes the shocking truth about how Wall Street, and the billionaire class, have continued to manipulate and exploit the financial system, taking advantage of loop holes to pull the wool over the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Routing some of this `dirty money' into the election campaign coffers of various presidential candidates provides them with access to the levers of power in Washington D.C.. The 2016 U.S. presidential election has seen a lot of attention focused on this ‘corrupt’ political campaign finance system. It's time the real truth emerged.

Using this watershed 2016 election as the context, this book makes a candid analysis of the campaign contributions to various presidential candidates across three presidential election cycles (2008, 2012 and 2016) to trace the total flow of ‘dirty money’ from its source to those presidential campaigns.

While America has typically been allowed to see just the tip of iceberg so far, ‘Dirty Money,’ reveals the dirty money trail it in its entirety, making available previously hidden information on the top donors in each presidential election cycle, and the beneficiaries of their vast contributions.

If you believe in democracy, at all, this is a must read.

MY REVIEW OF Dirty Money

This book makes excellent points of showing just how much Wall Street is influencing the office of the President of the United States of America. I had always suspected it, but now I know just how scary true it is. The author has researched and brought to light numerous accounts of underhanded tax evasion or tax abuse by those in power on Wall Street. Furthermore, each and every one of these corrupt leaders have given outrageous amounts to presidential candidates as records show through the last two presidential elections, as well as the upcoming 2016 one.

It is clear to me that they have favored Hillary Clinton above all others. Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump was also named as receiving contributions, but other than that, he is not linked to Wall Street like the Clintons are. Not only that, the records show just how sneaky and corrupt Bill and Hillary have been all along, and still are. In 1999, as President, Bill Clinton signed an act that lifted the longstanding restrictions that have kept banks and security firms in line. Those safeguards were there for a reason. I believe that was when the financial downfall of the United States began, creating the 2008 banking collapse. Couple that with all the corruption still going on, I’m sure another financial collapse of some type is on the horizon.  

This book opened my eyes to just how far up the corruption goes. I was afraid for my country before, but now I’m terrified of its future. I think everyone that votes should read this book before casting their vote. It speaks truthfully about the candidates.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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