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Vanessa Schierman PhD WITCH Review

Vanessa Schierman PhD WITCH (The Bloodsong Series)

By Sandy Nathan

Vanessa Schierman PhD WITCH (The Bloodsong Series) by [Nathan, Sandy]
ALL THE WITCH YOU'LL EVER NEED TO KNOW––A TREAT FOR YOU AT HALLOWEEN AND ALL YEAR. Three stories about a witch you'll want on your side. Vanessa battles vampires, other witches, zombies, trolls, and those really scary and dangerous creatures–the press and Internet trolls. All for the sake of her personal freedom and the man she loves! And her family and friends! What a witch!

Never heard of Vanessa Schierman? Of course you haven't, only black widow spiders are more secretive. Vanessa is "the invisible hand" guiding the country. Rumors abound about her, but don't believe them. Here are the facts about Vanessa Schierman PhD:

•She is a real witch from an ancient lineage who lives in a castle above Silicon Valley
•The richest person on the planet
•A theoretical physicist who helped develop the Cyclotron
•A loving mother with a heart of gold 
•A person who loves and gives and is devoted to goodness
•Someone you never, never want to get mad at you, because she will fry your gizzard and turn your blood to faery dust if she’s mad.
•Also, some might call her “terribly ugly.” But not to her face. 
•PS. She’s got a time machine. That isn’t a rumor.


STORY 1: THE RICHEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD Vanessa Schierman PhD takes her rightful place in the world, and the faces the consequences. 

STORY 2: THE TALISMAN & THE WITCH’S CODE Can Vanessa liberate her ancestral castle in Germany from Euro-trash vampires that have taken over? Can she abide by the Witch’s Code and save the man she loves?

STORY 3: HOW DID YOU BECOME A WITCH? Wherein Vanessa Schierman PhD reveals the secrets of her calling. “That’s the stupidest question I’ve ever heard. You’re either a witch, or you aren’t. Witches are born, not made."


PART OF THE BLOODSONG SERIES. If you enjoyed author Sandy Nathan's other books in the Bloodsong Series, you'll LOVE Vanessa Schierman PhD WITCH! You'll see more of the characters your loved in MOGOLLON: A TALE OF MYSTICISM & MAYHEM, LEROY WATCHES JR. & THE BAD*SS BULL and MINDSPEAK/HEARTSPEAK. Sandy's IN LOVE BY CHRISTMAS features Vanessa Schierman PHD in a pivotal role. Get to know her now!. 

MY REVIEW OF Vanessa Schierman PhD WITCH

Vanessa Schierman is the richest person in the world. But no one knows that, and that bothered Vanessa. That caused her to let her vanity get the best of her. Why should someone else hold that title? So, Vanessa conducts an interview with a reporter, whose article will end up divulging her family secrets and tarnishing her image. There’s no way Vanessa will allow that article to go to print. And that causes a domino effect that sends her down a path of no return. But being the powerful witch that she is, nothing can stop Vanessa Schierman from coming out on top.

Before I started the story, I read the notes at the beginning. At that point, I wasn’t sure if Vanessa was a real person or just a fictional character. That is a sign of a great writer. I enjoyed following the plot as it unfolded. Vanessa’s character was straight laced and in line with a person of her means, as well as an ages old witch, making her a successful character for the story. I think I would have enjoyed being around her. And the name Percival Palimpsest is the best name ever in my opinion. He made for a perfect thorn in Vanessa’s side. It had the right amount of humor for such a dark read.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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