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How to Cruise Cheap Review

How to Cruise Cheap! (CHEAP TRAVEL SERIES Book 1)

By Terrance Zepke

How to Cruise Cheap! (CHEAP TRAVEL SERIES Book 1) by [Zepke, Terrance]
Learn FORTY TIPS that will save you up to 80% on a cruise! 

However, finding a cheap cruise is only part of the equation. You want to make sure you are getting more than a good deal. You want the absolute best deal and you want to be sure you have chosen the best cruise for YOU. Moreover, once on board, you want to have the best cruise possible AND avoid hidden costs and sneaky fees. There are some things you need to know before you set sail: 

Did you know there are thirty-five different rates for the same cabin?
Did you know there are six categories of cruise ships and it makes a big difference which one you choose?
Do you know what the best cruise incentive is?
What are cruise consolidators?
Do you know what an expedition cruise is?
Should you take a river cruise or an ocean cruise?
Do you know what hidden costs you need to know about?
Do you know there are three different Caribbean itineraries?
Do you know the best social media to utilize to learn about super cheap last minute deals?
Did you know you can save BIG money on luxury cruises?
Do you know what "Wave Season" is and why the lowest prices and best incentives are offered during this time?
Do you know the five easiest ways to earn shipboard credit?
Do you know what the biggest on board expenditure is and how to minimize it?
These questions (and many more you didn't even know to ask) are answered in this handy reference. The author also reveals important things no one tells you, the most popular cruise destination, all about pop culture theme cruises, best adventure cruises, and the four steps you need to follow to find the right cruise. One size does not fit all! 

Terrance Zepke is an award-winning and best-selling author of thirty-five books, including the popular TERRANCE TALKS TRAVEL guidebooks. She is a travel agent, blogger, speaker, and host of the Uber Adventures Show. For more on this author and her titles, visit and


If you plan to go on a cruise any time soon, you definitely need to read this book first. It is chock full of information that is essential to getting the best bang for your buck. At the very least, the tips it contains will assure you of having the best time possible. Ms. Zepke shares her knowledge and many years of experience in the travel industry. She includes things like how to pick the right cruise and where to get the lowest price. I was very interested in these things because I do plan on taking a cruise in the future, and I need all the help I can get financially. 

I liked how everything was broken down into the different categories. It made it easier in processing exactly wat type of cruise I want to take. The chapter on important things no one tells you, gave invaluable information that I would have never found out otherwise. Armed with these facts, I know I’ll be able to enjoy my cruise that much more. Having read several other Terrance Zepke books, I wasn’t surprised by the treasure trove of data she imparted in this book. She always delivers, and this one was no exception.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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