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Ions of Luck Book Review

Ions Of Luck

By Markus Fredericks

Synopsis: Ions of Luck Danny Donaldson is a paraplegic, 29 year old man who has always been a good quality person – yet he has been cursed with consistently bad luck his entire life. When his electric wheelchair loses power in the middle of a busy intersection, a speeding truck literally catapults our unfortunate protagonist into another dimension via a wormhole tunnel. When he reaches a strange, spherical room of swirling lights at a central black hole, a mysterious, elderly guardian tells Danny that he came there by mistake, and orders him to return. Danny is amazed that he is able to walk once again, so he is reluctant to return down the tunnel from where he came. Danny is particularly curious about another wormhole tunnel which connects to the opposite side of the back hole. He is told that it leads to a ‘parallel universe’ which is effectively a mirror image of Danny’s world. The guardian teaches him about how the concept of ‘luck’ is not attributed to randomness, but happens as a direct result of ‘ions of luck’. According to natural laws of physics, positively and negatively charged ions of luck must maintain a harmonious balance to avoid a deadly paradox. Danny defies the guardian’s orders to return down the wormhole tunnel from which he came, and takes a leap of faith down the opposite tunnel to the parallel universe. Danny comes to learn that his alter-ego from the parallel universe is ‘uber-lucky’… He has the life that Danny always dreamt of: he’s rich, famous, and he married the girl of his dreams – the beautiful, Jessica S. Hart – his next-door neighbor since sixth grade. Her middle initial actually stands for ‘Sweet’, as in ‘Sweet Hart’, and Danny grew up having the biggest crush on her. The tunnel hurtles Danny to the inside of a communication chamber in a laboratory run by a brilliant scientist, Aldo Paganini. For many years, Professor Paganini had been developing a means of communication to contact the spirit of his deceased mother. Danny and Aldo form a strong bond, and they help each other to achieve their goals. Danny’s endeavors to replace his successful alter-ego results in an action-packed, rollercoaster ride of entertainment – as love manages to reach beyond the boundaries of a single universe. A surprise, poignant ending will keep the reader guessing until the final scene.


Danny Donaldson has had bad luck his entire life. Twelve years ago, while a senior in high school, he fell off a ski lift, injuring his spinal cord and leaving him crippled and in a wheel chair. But lately, things had come to a head. He lost his SSI income, causing him to be evicted any day from his apartment. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, his electric wheelchair leaves him stranded in the middle of a four-lane intersection. He gets hit by an 18-wheeler, then while in the air, struck by lightning, and as he is about to be slung into a telephone pole, he is suddenly streaking down a dark tunnel only to land in a crossroad between dimensions. No longer crippled, he doesn’t go back, but takes the opposite tunnel, where he finds a replica of his own world but with some distinct differences. Where he has always had bad luck, his self in this dimension has all the good luck. As Danny decides to take advantage of his alter’s good luck, he finds himself deeper and deeper in trouble without even trying.

I enjoyed this story and the characters. It had an unusual storyline, but was fun getting to the outcome. I think the author could use more experience in his writing, as it came across with an elementary style of wording. Otherwise, it was an entertaining read and I look forward to the next chapter of these characters.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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