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For Only a Season Review

For Only A Season: Christian Fiction

By Charles R. Butts Jr.

 For Only A Season: Christian Fiction by [Butts, Charles]
As his flight lands, Pollux “ Scooter “ Flood IV ponders the meaning of the years spent away from his ancestral home in Greensboro, Alabama. His wife and unborn son’s death sent him into a tailspin that led him to interning on a client’s vineyards in Italy and California. On the surface, he’s returning home to establish a vineyard on his family’s farm, but in truth, he longs to reconnect with his roots and his beloved family.

In the terminal, he expects his great Uncle Clem to be waiting to drive him home, but is instead met by someone he doesn’t initially recognize. When Frankie introduces herself, Scooter can scarcely believe that this confident, beautiful woman is the gawky, tomboyish teenager he once knew and is equally delighted to see that Greensboro and its friendly citizens have remained unchanged during his absence.

As happy as Scooter is to be home, he still mourns his wife and son. Even immersed in work, he can’t let go of his wife’s ghost. His visions of her are so detailed, they seem real. When he shares this with Uncle Clem, he’s told his visions are indeed a reality. Like his grandfather, and his grandfather before him, Scooter possesses the ability to see and speak with the dead. It is this gift that has kept the Floods so connected to their ancestors and will aid Scooter in more ways than he can imagine, should he learn to use it properly. 

For Only A Season is a story about love and the long road back from loss. It’s a story about the weight of responsibility we carry from our ancestors, and the honor such weight can bring. It’s a story about the seasons of our mortal lives and our eternal journey as immortal spirits, destined to learn, grow and ultimately return to God.


Pollux Flood IV, better known as Scooter, was ready to come home. When the pain of losing his wife and unborn child became too much, he had left Alabama for Italy. After five years of learning to run a vineyard, he’s ready to come back home to Alabama and start a vineyard on the Flood family property. In the meantime, he will run the family’s mortuary business alongside his Uncle Clem. Clem has been the patriarch of the family for as long as Scooter can remember. With Clem being in his final years, he is ready to pass on the family legacy to Scooter. But there are many secrets that Scooter has to learn first. Secrets he never knew about his own family.

I enjoyed this story immensely. It shows that family is everything. The loyalty and trust that the main character had is to be revered. I sometimes felt I was right there in the midst of the family dynamics. But, it was hard to know when the speakers would change, since there was no punctuation, nor new paragraphs for it, and this made it difficult to read smoothly. If that were taken care of, I would have no complaints against this story. I found it to be fascinating and truly inspirational.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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