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I Will Find Her Review

I Will Find Her (Bitter End Book 1)

By Thomas Apostle

I Will Find Her (Bitter End Book 1) by [Apostle, Thomas]
“Amazing, Disturbing, Haunting. This is a book that I won’t easily or soon forget with its dark and gripping tale of life and death.” Indie Book Reviewers

Thomas Benson knows he will die in exactly twelve hours. He believes his death will reunite him with his wife, Julie, who died six years ago. Back then, as Julie’s last dying breath left her lips, Thomas promised her he would find her soul on the other side and they would live together forever. A moment later, he made a second promise, a promise to commit murder. That promise drives this gripping story of love, obsession, deceit and murder to a heart stopping revelation. 

.Thomas Benson must tell his story before circumstances push him closer to insanity. His painful testimony of remarkable passion, devotion and brutal retribution must be heard even if from a prison cell on death row. Convicted of capital murder, Thomas will be executed in twelve hours. He believes his death will begin the desperate journey to keep his first promise to find the soul of his deceased wife. But he discovers his last hours are complicated by fear, lust, greed, revenge and his second promise. 
With just hours separating him from his deceased wife, Thomas Benson’s gut twisting struggle to reunite their souls and live on together is about to begin. A struggle that leads to a bizarre end no one could see coming. Thomas needs to know what it feels like to die because he does not like surprises. He’s about to get a big one. You must read his story to share the incredible experience.


The cover of this book bills it as a psycho thriller. I took that to mean psychotic, but after reading it, it’s obvious that it means psychological. Thomas is a man facing his last twenty-four hours on death row for a murder he may or may not have done. He has been on death row for the past five years, waiting patiently for his execution to happen, so he can be reunited with his wife in the afterlife. At least that’s what he believes. But now with his final hours ticking down, he feels he must tell his story one last time, even if his only audience happens to be a mouse.

This book was so interesting and intriguing that I had to read through it nonstop. The author is a true storyteller. He really knows how to catch your attention from the start and carry it through to the end. It was inspiring the way he could work key points into the story at the right time to give the most shock value possible. That amazed me. Plus the fact that the entire story fit into a twenty-four hour period with Thomas conversing with a mouse. Also shocking to me was the way the events unfolded with such an unexpected ending. 

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