Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tips for Organizing Your Closet While Creating Jobs

When you read that title – you probably wondered how in the world cleaning out your closet had anything to do with getting a job. But it does – and you are an important part of putting people to work even though you may not realize it. So – let’s talk about how these two things can go hand in hand, shall we?
Goodwill. And I don’t just mean goodwill toward others, although that is what this season is all about. I mean Goodwill – like your local store that will take your gently used donations and turn them into jobs and support for your local community. What is this magic?

When you donate to Goodwill, you’ve taken the opportunity to become a job creator and make a significant difference in the lives of individuals living in your community. After you drop off your shirts, shoes, blankets, electronics, and other items, we sell them in one of our more than 3,200 Goodwill stores or on our online auction site, shopgoodwill.com. When someone buys your item, we use that money to fund job training and other services.

So, you have opened your closet to start planning your holiday party outfits, only to realize that there are 400,234,456 outfits, none of which you can wear to your party. Not to mention, everything is so squished and cluttered that there are probably clothing items you haven’t touched since the 80’s. Hey – no need to be ashamed – we’re right there with you and we’re here to help. Side note – if you find a sweater or sweatshirt in that mess that really is from the 80’s, it will probably come in handy for your ugly sweater holiday attire.

Okay – let’s get on with it. Here are those tips you came here for:
  • Start by getting rid of anything that you do not have a purpose for or have not worn in over a year or two. Unless it is something very specific you would wear for a special occasion in the near future – it needs to belong to someone else.

  • Try an organizer like a shelf if you have room or a boot/shoe organizer (make sure you check your local Goodwill store to see if they have one for a bargain!)

  • Use rods, pocket hangers, or other handy things to hang your shoes on your door. You can find many items that would work for this at a bargain while you’re at Goodwill.

  • Add a bar that allows you to have more than one row for hanging your clothes.

  • Use up wasted wall space. Just about everyone has 2 sides of a closet with bare, empty walls. Use other types of hangers (think towel rack, curtain rod, or hooks) where you can hang items like scarves or belts to keep them out of your way.

  • Use hangers that work best for your clothes. By using slim open hangers, or specialized hangers for different outfits, you will be creating space for those clothes you keep and don’t donate. And in the same space, get creative with bulkier clothes items. Hanging organizers are just for shoes.

If you want to really get creative – think outside the box for nontraditional items that could help you get organized such as utilizing on-the-shelf space and stuff you’d usually use to organize other space – like office supplies. Use a folder or magazine holder to store your small wallets and clutches. A pretty metal paper towel rod that stands up would make the perfect place to put your bulky on-the-wrist jewelry. You can find some really great items at Goodwill if you’re willing to venture outside the box.

Once you’ve purged, found those perfect hacks for how to make the most out of the space you’re working with, then you can start to think about organization. For example, organize your closet based on color, style, occasions, seasons… What are you thinking about when you walk up to your closet to find something to wear? Use that and find a way to organize best for you!

Share your Goodwill haul, finds, and out of the box organization that you’ve use in the past! We want to see it. Snap a pic and share it on social media using the hashtag #ShopGoodwill.

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