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Glow Girl Tour and Giveaway

Willow is just your average sixteen-year-old girl. Okay, maybe not so average. She can heal animals. But for her own safety, her veterinarian parents have made her promise not to use her powers. Unfortunately, sometimes her compassion takes over, and she can't help ... well ... helping.

Willow is a Droit, but hides her Droitism because people like her are feared and hated by those without special abilities. Two of Willow's schoolmates, rumored to be Droits, have simultaneously disappeared.

When Willow's non-Droit friend, Rain, is targeted, Willow wonders whether she should get involved--even if that means putting herself in the line of fire.

A mysterious new friend, Trae, just might be the key to unlock her courage.

In the end, she has a choice: she can deny who she is or declare her ability to heal, but either way, her life will never be the same again.

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Read an excerpt
I saved our cat’s life four years ago when I was twelve.
How? I healed her. That was part of my Droit ability, but I
didn’t know it then.
Random, our cat who lived at our animal clinic, had been
sick for months, but my parents are veterinarians, so they were
managing her disease. She wasn’t in pain until the day I was
hanging out at the clinic and found her panting and writhing
while lying on her side.
Mom was in the surgical room setting a fracture and couldn’t
be interrupted. Dad was out picking up meds.
Random’s eyes fluttered and she let out a puny cry. I held
her, wishing I could help. When I stroked her fur around the
knobby tumors on her back, my fingertips tingled and glowed
red. I had no idea what was happening.
Confused, I flapped my hands as if to put out a fire. The
color faded, but as soon as I placed my fingers back on
Random’s side, the glowing started again. I shook my head in
bewilderment and then closed my eyes, allowing whatever this
was to happen. Lightning bolts flashed behind my eyelids. My
hands seemed to have minds of their own, this time locking onto
Random’s body. Pain shot up my fingers and seared all the way
to my neck.
My head felt heavy, like it was full of electric sparks. I
groaned and shuddered but still couldn’t pull my hands away
from her.
I don’t know how long I stayed that way before she purred,
and I opened my eyes to see her licking her paw as if nothing
had happened. I ran my fingers along her back. Her tumors had
The room spun. What had happened?
Random jumped down and darted away with more spring
than she’d had in months. I was certain I was seeing things. I
blinked, but there she sat near the sink, giving her face a bath.
My fingers slowly faded. I turned them palm up, then palm
down, studying them, trying to find a reason for what had
happened, but there was none.
Mom came into the room, holding her hands in the air on the
way to the faucet to scrub. “Were you looking for me?”
“Random doesn’t have cancer anymore,” I said, excitedly.
“Oh, really?” She paused with her hands under the water and
gave me a peculiar look with her head cocked, eyebrows raised.
“How’s that?”
“I healed her.” Nausea bubbled up from my gut. I raced into
the bathroom.
After I puked and returned to Mom, she was sitting in a chair
with Random in her lap, parting her hair. “Her tumors are gone.”
“I know.” Nausea still clung to my ribs, but it wasn’t as bad.
I was too excited about Random being better that it didn’t matter.
“What exactly did you do, Willow?”
Mom stared at me with wide eyes. I thought she’d be proud
of me, but she didn’t act that way.
“My hands mended her,” I said.
“L-l-like h-h-how?” she asked.
“I don’t know. It just happened. I felt sorry for her. She was in pain, and the next thing I knew, my hands lit up and energy
flowed from me to her.” I stared at my fingers again.
“Has this happened before?”
I shook my head.
“Good.” She nodded, licked her lips, and lowered her voice.
“Can you make it stop?”
I shrugged. I didn’t know. “I can try.”
“Don’t do it again, and whatever you do, don’t ever do it in
public.” Her voice was just above a whisper, and she glanced
over her shoulder at the door.
“Why?” Wasn’t it a good thing that Random was better?
Tears welled in my eyes.
“You won’t be safe if people know what you can do,” she
continued in a hushed tone. “Promise me you won’t do it again.”
Swallowing hard, I nodded. “I promise.” But I didn’t


Willow is different. She has the power to heal. But this is dangerous for her. There were others who thought it was unnatural and had possibly killed two missing teens from her school. Willow promised her parents that she would never heal any more but her compassionate personality proved that to be an impossibility.

This is by far my favorite book by Ms. Weidenbenner. Yes, she writes other genres, but this is closer to what I like and she did a great job. The characters were interesting and likeable. The plot flowed easily. I can’t wait for the next in this series. 

About the Author
Michelle Weidenbenner is an Amazon #1 Best-Selling and Award-Winning author and speaker.

She’s also a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Trainer.

Her sweet spot is the center of her pickleball paddle, but it’s also empowering moms to regain their purpose and significance in order to live a life that matters and positively influence others. Her energy is contagious and focuses on unlocking the self-advocate in others and encouraging them to dream big.

As the mother of a recovering addict, she spends most of her time advocating and coaching moms of addicted loved ones. She podcasts at Moms Letting Go. If you’re a mom of an adult addict, find her free guidebook, at

Michelle is living her dream—writing every day and thanking God for the stories He puts in her path.
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