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Life With One Eye Open Book Review

Life With One Eye Open

by Pepper Carlson

Having been separated at birth by death, I wasn't the cause of the disarray of the affairs, our parents were, but I feel compelled with necessary obligation to tell the story since I got out and she got left behind.

The indelible footprints of her questioning were going to leave her intent on finding answers. She needed a way to sever the umbilical cord, and I had to find a way to help her. 

The answer came promptly and clearly; with my last breath came the gift of ageless wisdom and Divine intelligence, and my intellect was telling me I had to send for reinforcements. I would need assistance in a big way. I needed Angels. And I don't mean just any kind of Angels. I mean the Guardian Angel of Archangel proportions kind of Angels you only ever read about.

I had no sooner thought it, that they appeared to me. I explained the severity of the situation. They assured me they knew all 'about it' and they knew all along they would be called upon.

They also warned me, 'You cannot interfere.'


This is a heartbreaking story of a young girl’s life as told by her unborn twin. She was born to a mother and father who never loved her, neglected and abused her entire life. No matter where she went, it was always worse. Having never known true love, she was unable to keep a relationship. The way she is treated and spoken to by everyone she meets is despicable. She survived because her Guardian Angels and her twin were always with her and giving her strength to grow.

I loved the way all the characters remained nameless. They were known as Doppelganger twin, Young Girl, Street Kid, Boss, and so on. That’s refreshing and unexpected. Also I think it’s brilliant to narrate the story as a twin who never made it past the womb.

There was a poem at the end of each chapter. I am so glad the author decided to put them at the end and not the beginning, as is the usual. At the beginning, you read it, but you forget what it was about by the time you've finished the chapter. At least here, I understood it more.

I finished this book very unsatisfied.  I felt I had walked this journey beside her, and I wanted so badly for twin to find the happiness that she never had before. It ends with her contentment. For me, that wasn't enough. I feel I was robbed of a proper ending. It felt short and cutoff. I felt the author should have spent more time bringing me, the reader, my own contentment.

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About the Author 

Pepper Carlson is a Producer, visionary and published author. Her short story The Butterfly Papers ( is available as an ebook on most online retail outlets and her first novel, Life With One Eye Open is scheduled for release by Tate Publishing in late spring 2014. Her personal blog under the same name gained her an invitation to speak at Pepperdine University and you can follow her writing antics at

Carlson has produced commercials for industry giants J3 Universal McCann, Good Company, GNet, Rockhard Films, and Motiv Films. Carlson has Produced two VMA nominated music videos and numerous other music videos, promo’s for Spike TV, an abundance of commercials, several webisodes for Dell Global and a Pilot for Spike TV. She has Produced with Director/Producer Hype Williams, for Kanye West featuring Rihanna in All of the Lights (VMA nominated for best hip hop video), and Lil Wayne’s 6 Foot 7 Foot (VMA nominated for best hip hop video). She also produced Cee Lo Green’s Video Cry Baby for award winning Director, Mickey Finnegan at Rockhard Films. Carlson also Production Supervised Godless a short film that won the 2005 National Board of Review Award.

With budgets ranging from $100K to $1.5M and beyond, her ability to manage large crews, and be a liaison between client, agencies and production has made her a front-runner at integrating solutions across a wide array of marketing disciplines.

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