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Smugglers 2: The Sheriff Book Review

Smugglers 2: The Sheriff: Sex, Meth and Murder The Cartel from Tucson to the Florida Keys (Volume 2)
by Gerald McCallum

Smugglers 2: The Sheriff picks up where Smugglers 1 left off. A small-town sheriff finds the money Isabelle had taken off with and decides to keep the loot for himself. He retires and disappears, knowing that he must lay low and not use the cash until he can unravel the mystery behind his find. He relocates to Tucson, Arizona and creates a new life where he falls in love. Unable to use Isabelle's money, he makes contact with a Mexican Cartel and gets into the smuggling business. He is living the good life when things with the Cartel go bad; they kidnap and kill his woman. Seeking revenge, the sheriff uses his past as a Marine sniper to rob and kill the Cartel's men as he stays in the business to remain close to his victims. He soon takes a partner who like himself is suffering from a mid-life crisis. They both love the adrenaline rush from a gun fight, so the sheriff trains his new partner to be his spotter. They hook up with two beautiful dancers who travel with them for the drugs, sex and money. Their killing spree takes them from Tucson to Key West, ending up at the marina where it all started.


Mack was the local sheriff in a small Texas town. When he stumbles upon five million dollars in the trunk of a car, he hides it before anyone else sees it. Six months later he retires and moves away.  Knowing he can’t spend the money for a while, he hooks up with a local Mexican dealer and starts running drug deals. When the dealer is killed by the cartel, he is forced to deal for them. He takes their money and runs. When they torture and kill his girlfriend, he comes back and takes revenge on the entire cartel.

Somewhere along the way, he gets a partner, Terry, who introduces him to two strippers. The four become inseparable. After many more dealings, they buy a boat and escape to Florida, inadvertently ending up where the five million originally came from. Will they ever be able to spend the money without suspicion?

This was as good as the first in the series. I originally thought that it would be about the sheriff from book 1. Wrong, new sheriff, same behavior. However, I really liked Sheriff Mack. I thought I would be happy that the story went back to the marina from the first book, but it wasn't the same with new owners. I wasn't happy about the outcome, but glad that this book had more loyalty than there was in the other.

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About the Author
Gerald McCallum

Gerald "Mack" McCallum is an entrepreneur with the spirit of a true adventurer. He started out as a 15-year-old runaway who ended up on a Mexican beach where he and all the other Americans there were arrested. After 11 days in a Mexican prison, his aunt bought his freedom for $1000. Mack soon joined the Navy where he flew off an aircraft carrier to patch planes in war zones. Later, he became a successful sales executive for a national company, his work taking him from Las Vegas to Tucson and on to Florida where he lived on a houseboat in the Keys. 

Mack was an avid bodybuilder and is trained in "close combat" with edge weapons. He has scuba dived all over the world and is skilled as a skeet and trap shooter. He is now living out his dream of being a writer of novels filled with graphic violence based on people he's met over his years of travel and observation. His favorite author is John D. MacDonald. His favorite books are Dirty White Boys and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He also loves watching shows like Breaking Bad and Deadwood.

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