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Connecting Happiness and Success Book Review

Connecting Happiness and Success: A Guide to Creating Success Through Happiness

By Ray White

Don't wait until you reach success to become happier! Most of us are relatively happy, but we are also aware of a deep sense that we could be happier. We believe happiness will come when we reach certain goals in our lives like getting married, buying a new home, getting a raise, a promotion, or a new job. So we forego a little happiness today and this week so we can reach those goals sooner. Our challenge is the days and weeks turn into months and years. The goals we thought would make us happy turn out to be just milestones on a long journey, and our happiness does not materialize like we had hoped. Happiness in the form of a deep sense of contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment seems to be missing. This book will help by providing a clear plan on how to choose happiness and then leverage that happiness to become even more successful. Don’t spend your life chasing success and hoping for happiness, learn how to connect happiness and success. 

Connecting Happiness and Success is a guide to creating Success through Happiness. It includes 4 concepts you can implement to become happier and 3 concepts that teach you how to leverage that happiness to be successful. It includes practical applications, examples and activities. 


This is a guidebook for learning how to live happily as well as being successful. Its goal is to help understand how happiness and success are connected, and provide specific actions to take to achieve them on a daily basis.

It is generally thought that success brings happiness. The truth is that happiness should come first. Both are intertwined and the actions you take to make yourself happy will inevitably bring you success. Culture conditions us to chase success and to fight through being unhappy, rather than make happiness a daily habit.

You should do small things every day that eventually lead to milestones of success during your lifetime. You must learn to take control of your life, build positive relationships, and identify your own higher purpose. Once you define what success means to you, and prioritize your actions to achieve it, all that’s left is to implement the discipline to get you there.

I like the way the author broke each step down, and listed tasks to do.  It was very easy to understand. I feel like I have a road-map for my own achievement now. 

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