Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hubris Falls Book Review

By Matthew S. Hiley

How much of it happened? How much is true? Maybe someday you’ll know.

Brian “Legs” Hamilton is a tortured, complex, intelligent young man. He is blessed to have some of the best friends a person could ask for. They consider themselves the greatest of philosophers, debaters, theologians, and adventurers. They are unafraid to conquer whatever the world may throw at them… whether it be free-climbing a thousand foot cliff, or attempting to smoke the largest joint known to man. 

After graduating from college, Legs and his friends embark upon one last road trip before they must face the real world… getting jobs, paying bills, and severing the parental umbilical cords that had both nourished and suffocated them. They settled upon rafting the extreme rapids amidst the canyons of the Rio Grande River along the Mexican border as their final chaotic drug-fueled exploit.

The weight of the ‘real world’ being just around the corner makes the group more reckless than ever. They pay no respect to safety, and ignore how harsh and unpredictable Mother Nature can be. Tension forms within the group, and each member reveals the darkness lying just below the surface, bringing about a tragedy that only grows more horrific as the trip draws to a close.

A five-day adventure that was supposed to be the best time in these young men’s lives ends up as a nightmare that will haunt them forever, leaving little chance that their minds will ever have the ability to reconcile with what they have experienced. 

Hubris Falls is a darkly comic, very tragic, fast-paced, brilliant tale that will inhabit your mind long after the final page is turned. 


Brian Hamilton and his four friends were goof offs and pranksters in college. They came from money, but that didn’t help them to fit in. Immediately after graduation, they went on a whitewater rafting expedition. This was going to be their last hurrah before entering the work force. A turn of events caused it to be more.

These guys reminded me of slackers that I went to school with. It was hard to feel sympathy for them, just knowing how they were, but the author did a great job of changing that.  As with his other books, this one had me rolling on the floor laughing. Then, I cried just as hard later. Of the five friends, I’m glad that the story was told from Brian’s point of view. I don’t think the author could have done a better job on this one. It’s a must read.

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About the Author
Matthew S. Hiley was born and raised in Forth Worth, Texas. He attended Texas Christian University, and then Northwood University, where he met his wife. They have four children together, along with five dogs, six cats, and two lizards (he's into the animal rescue thing).

After finding success for several years in the business world, Hiley decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a writer. In 2010 he published his first novel, Hubris Falls, which was met with many rave reviews. Hubris Falls dealt, in very raw language, with the taboo realities in race, religion, and politics.

In 2011, tired of the sewer-cycle of politics and pop-culture the country had become submerged in, he published his second novel, The Candidates: Based on a True Country. This dark and absurd comedy took swipes at the hypocrisy and self-serving nature of those leading the country, as well as the fame-whores in reality television.

A terrible musician, a reprehensible fisherman, a less-than-mediocre golfer, and a talentless children's baseball coach, Hiley has found his place in life as a writer whose voice is sharp, witty, and unafraid.

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