Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pazuzu Unbound Book Review

By Saurav Dutt

Engulfed in darkness within a desolate road on the edge of civilization stands the New Terminal Hotel. The fate of a group of strangers is tied inexorably to an ancient and unspeakable evil waiting within its walls ready to be unleashed. The demon Pazazu thrives on human flesh and blood to satiate its burning hunger. It chooses the faithless, the lonely, the estranged, those inflicted with rage and self-contempt for humanity. 

As midnight beckons and these lost souls converge upon the unholy grounds, this ancient evil is determined to be awakened, hell-bent on capturing the lives it so craves to satisfy its blood lust. As they enter the silence of God’s tomb, they will come face to face with Pazazu: once banished to Hell forever, never again to torment a human soul but who has now arisen once again to annihilate mankind and destroy countless human lives. 

Steeped in horrific ancient mythology and terrifying folklore, the demon Pazazu terrified scores of readers and film goers in the seminal book and movie ‘The Exorcist’ as well as its subsequent incarnations in both cinematic and literary form; but the winged demon is now due for a grisly return in a new book timed to coincide with the unleashing of The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology onto Blu-Ray this September 23rd. 


In a hotel, in an out of the way place, lies pure evil. The New Terminal Hotel is host to the demon Pazuzu.  With the help of his minions, all forms of low-life human beings are drawn to it, if not suspiciously brought there. Few survive.

This was a very disturbing read to me, since it’s a possibility, a demon surrounded by low-life scumbags. I can’t say that most of the victims didn’t deserve what they got. I got satisfaction in that, but the deaths of the innocents, not so much. The way the author described the demon was unsettling to me. It made me not want to visualize it, nor even say its name. But I really could visualize the seedy hotel and all its inhabitants, although I wish I couldn’t. That wasn’t a comfortable feeling either. I wish that the author had inserted an angel or two to show contrast of good and evil. I think that would have brought more to the story. I won’t be forgetting this read anytime soon.

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About the Author

Saurav Dutt

British author Saurav Dutt is a creative polymath. He wrote for The Guardian, The Independent; he is a painter, film producer, photographer, graphic design illustrator and above all, an accomplished author and writer. His books have covered film star biographies, contemporary fiction and horror, Manga and graphic novels. His books have been short-listed and featured at the London and Frankfurt book fairs, MCM Comic Book Convention and BookExpo America amongst others. As co-writer and associate producer of the independent film 'Live Life Dearest' he is also a Gothenberg Independent Film Festival winner. 

Dutt currently resides in the United Kingdom. As well as Amazon.com, his books are available in Waterstones and Barnes & Noble in paperback, hardback and Kindle formats.

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