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Feeling For The Air Review

Feeling for the Air (The Devereux Cousins Book 2)

By Karen E. Black

He's escaped from a maximum-security prison designed to house the most ruthless of criminals. Now alleged biker leader Dace Devereux is on the run, still wanted for his leading role in the biggest prison riot in Canadian history. But it's not the cops or the penal system, that dominate Dace's thoughts. Instead, it's his cousin Liza--a gifted college student, now with child, beginning her master's degree at the University of Toronto. 

As Dace, filled with thoughts of his cousin, migrates south to Mexico to find where the monarch butterflies spend their winter, Liza faces a new set of challenges at home in Maitland. Forced to balance her studies, the trials of new motherhood, and the consequences of her unconventional situation, she remains passionately in love with Dace--and will go to any lengths to help her soul mate clear his name.

The second of three novels about the Devereux cousins, "Feeling for the Air" combines the electricity of a forbidden romance in the early 1970s with breathtaking plot twists as two lovers who wish to roam as wild and free as butterflies are dealt a difficult and unforgiving fate.

When Dace Devereux escapes from a Canadian prison, he heads to Mexico, dodging the authorities as best he can. Unknown to him, his cousin and girlfriend, Liza, is pregnant with his child. With the stress of harassing police, school, and a baby, Liza does her best to survive. At first opportunity, she secrets to Mexico to be with Dace. But can they overcome everything that has happened to both of them, and still have a future together?

I like the direction that this plot took. It’s hard for society to accept this type of relationship. It made for a very interesting read. These two characters were equally headstrong, making me wonder what would happen next. I enjoyed that I couldn’t outguess them. There were a couple of times that I felt like I needed more detail, but otherwise it had a good flow to the read.

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Karen E. Black
Karen Black lives in Toronto, Ontario with her family, the same city where she was born. Her novel "From the Chrysalis" begged for a sequel, so she wrote about Dace's escape from a corrupt penitentiary system and his dual mission to clear his name and find out where the monarch butterflies really made their winter home.  She's made a couple of pennies from writing, but it's her work as a reference librarian which helped pay for her children's "artsy" educations, the renovations and repairs to their century old home and the travels she and her husband indulge in every year or two.

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