Friday, May 29, 2015

A Walk in the Sun Review

A Walk in the Sun: A Vampire Novel

By Lisa Dominique Machat 

 Set in the late 1800s in both England and France, A Walk in the Sun is a passionate tale of love and revenge told through the eyes of Nicholas Justine. Nicholas, a lonely mortal born into wealth yet neglected from birth, is transformed into a naïve young vampire. Desperately trying to deal with his sudden immortal curse, he clings onto his hopes of marrying his Elena, a beautiful and compassionate mortal. Their love becomes an unbreakable bond as Nicholas struggles to comprehend his new-found powers and curse. Only a force greater than himself could threaten his life and the woman he adores. Be it fate or the devil, a challenge is unleashed when suddenly Elena and Nicholas, come face to face with the ruthless and cunning Count Victor Du Fay. A master of the Occult, Du Fay is a follower of the left hand path, a black magician driven by greed and power. Du Fay’s attraction to Elena leads the vampire and the devil’s chosen disciple to a duel like no other. Will Du Fay destroy Nicholas? Will Elena’s love overpower evil? Full of plot twists and turns, this story takes the reader on an emotional journey that will capture your heart and awaken your soul. Through passion and hate, and bittersweet enchantment, this vampire thriller will keep you turning pages to find out more.

 Nicholas’ mother died giving him birth. His father blamed him, so there was no relationship between them. As a young adult, Nicholas gets bitten and turns into a vampire. The only other person that knows, is his fiancé Elena. When a black magician becomes smitten with Elena, she rejects him. This starts a war between Nicholas and the magician.

I felt so sorry for Nicholas throughout the entire book. It was a very entertaining read. I liked the idea of a vampire who still prayed to God and only did good. I hope that this becomes a series, for I feel the character of Nicholas can provide more interesting reading.

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English musician and writer Lisa Dominique resides in Los Angeles with her husband Michael and 10 year old son Nicholas. This is Lisa's first novel. An avid movie goer, lover of music, and occasional wizard in the kitchen, Lisa and her husband (attorney Michael Machat) are the proud owners of Vampire Vineyards. In 2011 Lisa opened the Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room in Beverly Hills. Aside from writing and serving as a director of Vampire Vineyards, Lisa's favorite activity is setting up her deck chair and cheering her son on in his favored passion, soccer. For more information about her, please visit

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