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Search (SEEK Book 1) Review

Search (SEEK Book 1) 

By Candie Leigh Campbell

"The 5th Wave" meets "The Host" in an epic new saga, SEEK. 

“An intriguing read that any pre-teen or teen will enjoy!”—LitPick 

Out of seven billion people, there’s only one thing we all have in common. 
We search for what eludes us. 
We evade what causes us sorrow. 
We extract what doesn’t suit our needs. 
And we kill to get what we want. 
In the time it takes you to read this, two lives will be revoked and one spared. Some call it divine intervention, others say natural selection decides, but no one really knows for sure. 


My name is Keira, and this is how I saved you. 

Keira Donavan joins a secret government agency called SEEK to get her sister, Lindy, an illegal operation (a genetically created spinal cord transplant). The surgery promises to repair Lindy’s legs after a car accident, which Keira feels responsible for, leaves her paralyzed. 

At SEEK, Keira is a trained huntress who tracks and kills parasitic shadows in the Daniel Boone National Forest. She's told the shadows—the "Khayal"—are evil parasites which prey on humans. But things get weird after she finds herself injured and alone in the woods. Once rescued, everything changes including her eye-color and her job. SEEK gives her a human target—a handsome nineteen-year-old millionaire—Jonathan Steed. Now she has two choices if she's going to succeed in getting Lindy that operation, seduce Jonathan and convince him to join SEEK...or kill him. 

But nothing goes according to plan when she finds herself staring into eyes the same radioactive green as hers. Jonathan swears SEEK's been lying to her, but it isn’t until Keira comes face-to-face with a true Khayal that her world crashes down—one lie at a time—until she's forced to see the truth. Khayal are good and SEEK wants her dead. But running isn’t that simple. SEEK has her sister and her family. 

Again Keira must choose, save her sister and her family or save the Khayal. And falling in love with Jonathan isn't helping. 

LitPick Top Choice Book Review Award 

Search is the first book of the four-part SEEK Saga. 
Evade (SEEK Book 2) coming November 1, 2016 
Extract (SEEK Book 3) coming (May 1, 2017 
Kill (SEEK Book 4) coming November 1, 2017 

**Mild Language 


Keira is a top-notch hunter working for SEEK, a covert government agency. The target…Khayal, misty shadows that are undetected by all but the trained hunters. After Keira has an accident, she is given a mission to try to sway a rogue spy to join their cause. But after meeting Jonathan, Keira is shocked to discover that everything she was taught was a lie.

This had an interesting plot with strong characters. I loved Jonathan’s personality. His carefree attitude helped to balance Keira’s brooding one. I would have liked for Keira’s family to be featured more. I think it would have brought more to her character. The conspiracy theory kept me busy wondering which side was actually the good guys. I liked the descriptions of the Khayal and I felt I could actually visualize them. I’m so glad this story will continue. This is going to be a good series to follow. 

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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