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How to Prevent Sexual Assault Review

How to Prevent Sexual Assault: How to Detect and Defeat Todays Spy Technology

By Daniel Hanson

How to Prevent Sexual Assault: How to Detect and Defeat Todays Spy Technology. by [Hanson, Daniel]
In this book, you will find some excellent advice on how to avoid sexual assault. No other book discusses the technology that can be used against you and how it can lead to rape. Be certain that rape will never stop happening, but there is a lot that can be done to lessen the likelihood of it happening to you.

Crime will never go away. Yet most people are totally oblivious to how they can be preyed upon and what technology exists to be used against them. To live a safer life, learn how to detect and defeat the technology that exists today – it has never been more technologically advanced and readily available. This book is designed to provide a clear understanding of the varied approaches spying and information collection can take with no complicated technical jargon to confuse you.

Not only will you learn about today’s technology, you will also learn how some of it actually works – in details understandable by the general public. This, specific approach is not addressed in depth elsewhere, and is highly recommended for any concerned about safety in a changing world of high technology.

All of the technology discussed is being used against everyone. There are many companies producing this equipment; because there is a huge market for it. You are either predator or the prey. You will be shocked at the technology that exists with which others can spy on you. Without learning how to detect it, you will never know that you are being watched until too late. What you don’t know really can hurt you. Sadly most people never buy a security system until after they have been burgled. Even most of our laws are not written in anticipation of but in response to crime. After you have become a victim, it is too late to start getting educated. Get your education here! Each threat is presented, analyzed, and tips are provided for thwarting or short-circuiting the threat. It's a 'must have' book for any concerned about personal safety and information security in today's high-tech world.

To stay ahead of todays sophisticated criminal you need to know his game plan and what tools they have at their disposal. 

Some of what you will learn from “How to Detect and Defeat Today's Spy Technology”:

The methods that someone can use to stalk you.
Laser Bugs, and how they can be used to invade the privacy of your home, without anyone breaking and entering.
How your trash and mail can be used to gain information about you.
Methods that exist for listening in on your private telephone conversations.
How to see in the dark without night vision devices.
Some invaluable advice for avoiding rape.
Ways that someone can spy by listening through your walls.
Tips on how to protect your children from sexual predators.
How to protect your children form Drugs.
Many spy devices will be introduced and how to detect them.
How to defeat today’s very sophisticated spy technology.
How to be safer in your home and hotel is addressed.
What the effects of rape are.
That a predator can disable your car at any time of his choosing.

Explanations of electronics accompanies sections discussing simple child safety lessons (such as not taking food from strangers) and often translate these lessons to adult scenarios; such as paying attention to surroundings and reacting appropriately even when in a public place, when trouble seems to be heading your direction.

You will learn the basics warning signs of abuse in children and how child predators operate. With tips on how to handle a child who has been abused, this section offers many keys to understanding how a predator can get to a child, and how to prevent it.


This book was written by a man who has seen and understands the types of evil people running rampant in the world today, and wants to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen. He explains how much spyware is in public hands, with obvious intent to harm others. Several of the items I had never heard of before. Mr. Hanson also goes into details of how each piece of equipment is used.

I agree that it can’t be stressed enough how serious rape and stalking is. I feel that I’m pretty vigilant in keeping myself safe, but after learning of some of the spyware that is out there, it scared me to my core. I was unaware of just how much my privacy can be compromised with me not even knowing it is happening. The statistics of a pedophile having an average of 244 victims and a rapist 25 is eye opening. Knowing this, I can understand why the author includes the different subjects and categories, all related to personal security. I believe every woman and parent should read and take heed of the information included in this book, for your own safety as well as that of your children. You never know when it could come in handy.

**The above opinions are 100% my own, whether I purchased the book or it was given to me to review.

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