Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blooded Book Review

BLOODED: (Anunnaki Rising) (THE BLOODED SAGA Book 1) by Lyn Murray

If you thought Vampire Myths were fully discussed, written and screen played into movies, and there is nothing further to be said or discovered - you are very wrong. 

This fictional allegory will shake your understanding of how the world works, and teach you how immortal beings have raised, shaped and manipulated our existence. 

With an exciting introduction, we are teased with incredible possibilities and crazing theories, as the author has us standing on edge with each turn of the page, waiting for the action to unfold. 

Forget the average vampire book you find on every corner - this is not a book for teens. Blooded (anunnaki rising) based on years of research, is set in a modern world so terrifyingly real, the reader gets chills when considering the possibilities, which are reinforced with fact based addendums that are hard to deny, in this masterpiece filled with "in your face" Vampiric Fallen Angels - the first in the series. 


Reporter Steve Cross has always had what he called a gift, a kind of premonition. An unexplainable event leaves him somehow “awakened” to a higher power of sorts. His friend Ryan, along with hospital staff Katherine and Carl, become part of his journey into an inevitable future.

What if? That was the question surrounding this story. What if we were created by Vampires, and not what we believe to be God? That’s a very frightening concept.

At times, I was confused by events, but that was the way the author wanted you to feel. I loved the way each of the characters was brought to life, including very minor ones. The more you read and learned about Steve, the more addictive you felt he was. This was a vampire love story different than any other. It was not your typical girl-loves-vampire-loves-girl. No, this was a deeper, male-bonding, otherworldly type of love. I could truly feel that bond between Steve and Ryan. I also loved the interaction between Katherine and Carl.

There were times I caught myself reading with a calm, slow, level speaking voice inside my head as I read Steve’s dialog, and I felt I could actually hear it spoken that way. It was very eerie and frightening. I definitely didn't want to be on the receiving end of it. This author has brought back into perspective the way a vampire should be viewed, as a beautiful, but very deadly creature to avoid.

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About the Author

Lyn Murray            Image of Lyn Murray

She is fascinated by anything that has to do with the supernatural, the paranormal. This led her to become the author of Blooded [Anunnaki Rising}, but she doesn't want you to confuse this book for just some young adult supernatural thriller with love triangles, vampires, werewolves, zombies, or dystopian societies. Blooded [Anunnaki Rising] blends the supernatural with what is perceived as mythological, historical fiction, [in which there may be more truth than fiction], while leaving readers considering the possibility that her spin on vampires might just be the real truth behind the legend.         

A prolific writer of fiction, Lyn has more than a dozen books available for Kindle lovers, including two children's books in the "Little Book of Memories" series, which are also available in hard copy, and creative novella's that capture Lyn's diverse writing style, that include horror stories, stories filled with mystery and intrigue, ghost stories, love stories, and more.

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  1. After reading your review, I just might have to take the time to read this one. Sound interesting.

    1. It was. At least, I enjoyed it. Thanks Kelly.

  2. This is not really my style of book....It's sure does sound THRILLING though =]

  3. My son might enjoy this book. I would have nightmares if I read it.

    1. It was a bit eerie, but I liked it just the same.

  4. WOW ! Thank You for a WONDERFUL REVIEW !