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The Unbeliever Book Review

The Unbeliever

by E. L. Baylis

When rich atheist Art Wellington gets shielded from gunshots by a complete stranger, he risks it all to find out why. In his search, Art begins to experience a power he didn't know existed from a source he refuses to acknowledge.

In another place and time, someone has suddenly died. Everyone is calling it an accident, but twenty-two years later, John Williams, the former sheriff of a small town, gets a message spray-painted across his truck that blows wide open a murder investigation in which everyone in town is now a suspect.

In a twist of events that no one can see coming, these two stories collide into a dramatic climax in which the unthinkable is revealed.

The Unbeliever is a page-turning thrill ride that will surprise and inspire you to the very end.


After a tragic accident, Bobbi Jo, Junior, and Big Mike have to say goodbye to their lifelong friend Chris. They were the only ones who knew what truly happened. Even though the Sheriff has his suspicions, it takes him 22 years to solve the case and bring closure to the residents of his small town.

Meanwhile in another city, Art is an alcoholic has-been artist who is shot by a mugger. If not for Jessica passing by at that moment, he would have died. She gave him the urge to survive and in that moment he fell in love with her. Now that he is well, it seems like everyone is keeping her identity a secret from him. When he does find her, he is disappointed that she is what he calls “a Jesus freak”, since he is an atheist. With the only way to get close to her and earn her trust, he must try to understand “her God”. He begins an in-depth study of the Bible, which changes his life forever. But knowing that Jessica loves God more than she could ever love him, will it be enough?

This was a refreshing Christian read with a parallel murder/mystery that I could not connect the dots to, until the author revealed it at the right time.  As the stories go back and forth between them, I couldn't help but feel connected to the small town peoples, and to Art and Jessica. There were times that I feel the author went on a bit long with the Bible context, but in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions of it. It actually brought to light a few things that I didn't understand before in reading my Bible.

I loved the way the author kept you guessing about everything. I thought she did a great job of bringing these characters to life and look forward to reading the next story for them. 

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