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Secrets of the Elders Book Review

Secrets of the Elders 

(Chronicles of Acadia Book 1)

by David Matthew Almond

After their peaceful village, Riverbell, is raided by the foul monstrous skex, brothers Logan and Corbin Walker find themselves caught in a race against time, desperate to warn the capitol before the dangerous skex arrive to wreak the same havoc upon the unsuspecting people of Fal. 

Never could they imagine, that this would only be the very beginning of their unforgettable journey, when Logan is suddenly exiled from the kingdom for a crime he did not commit. On the run, doggedly avoiding his own brother, sent to pursue the wanted criminal, can Logan Walker possibly hope to stay free long enough to unravel the Secrets of the Elders? 

And So the Fourth Age of Acadia begins... 

Ages long past, forced to abandon the surface, mankind descended inside the core of their planet, fleeing an impending xenocide at the hands of the mighty Jotnar invaders and settling a new homeland among the deep forests in the wide caverns of Vanidriell, under the light of the Great Crystal Baetylus.


Brothers Corbin and Logan Walker have been training since childhood. Corbin has become a fierce warrior, whereas Logan is a slacker. This causes much strife between them. After Skex attack their town, they are tasked to warn the Fal kingdom that they will be attacked next. They barely make it there in time and again have to join in the fight. They become heroes and are invited to a gala to celebrate the victory.

Magistrate Fafnir was running for a seat on the Council. Because of his scheming, Logan is accused of murder and flees over the walls into the wild lands. He also starts rumors of conspiracy, which puts Corbin having to bring Logan back. But the wild lands are uncharted territory with many dangers. Can Corbin find Logan and convince him to come back within the allotted time?

It took a little while before I was able to get into this story. Sometimes the descriptions of the fighting lost me, but otherwise I enjoyed the action. It was more interesting once Logan makes it into the wild lands. I appreciated the bit of humor that was thrown in too. I could relate to the relationship between the brothers, but it did get aggravating at times. I enjoyed most of the characters, but hated the villain. 

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David Matthew Almond

David Matthew Almond has been working in the restaurant and IT industry for the last 19 years. Over the last two, he has made time to focus on his true passion, writing stories. 

David grew up in the small Upstate NY city, Utica (home to such rare delicacies as Tomato Pie, Utica Greens, Pusties, and Chicken Riggies) and attended "Buff State" in the amazing city Buffalo NY, where he would eventually return to run his bakery café, meet some of the best people in the world, and fall in love with his wife Julie.
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  1. great review! I do find some fighting scenes in books in general tend to be confusing. thanks for the rec. newest follower! hi :D

    1. I know! I wish they would just skim over those parts. Thanks Tammy.