Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Forever Zombie Book Review

Forever Zombie: A Collection of Undead Guy Tales

By Stan Swanson

Zombies and quick-witted humor? You bet! “Forever Zombie” is not filled with your typical blood and gore zombie tales and even non-zombie fans will enjoy this collection. These tales will take you to a world where the existence of zombies is not just a possibility, but a fact of life. And that life after death might be much different than we have ever imagined. Consider the plight of the Grim Reaper when he descends upon the law offices of Romero, O'Bannon, Fulci & Flanders only to find his next "client" is already dead in "Every Death You Take". Or how about "The Farmer's Daughter", daring to bring home her future husband to meet the family and he isn't exactly what they imagined their future son-in-law might be like. Or a creepy visit to a zombie museum in the middle of nowhere in "A Night At The Zombie Museum". And who do you think might be smarter? A gang of zombie bikers or the I.Q.-impaired hillbillies in "Ozark Hicks and Zombie Chicks"? Well, that one’s a close call. And it's all here in “Forever Zombie: A Collection of Undead Guy Tales” and each story has a special touch that will keep you reading far into the night. Think you can read just one tale before bed each night? Try two or three. Or maybe you'll still be reading the last of the stories before the sun comes up the next morning. But as an added precaution, make sure you check your pulse every once in awhile.


This is an anthology of 15 short zombie stories. Written with dark humor, they seemed to hit on a wide variety of topics like politics, technology, music, and book clubs. I was hooked from the first story with all the funny mishaps. And the more I read, the better they got. I would love to see these made into short movies, especially the Ozark Hicks and Zombie Chicks. That was my favorite.

It puts you in a “Shawn of the Dead” state of mind. Each character seems to take it in stride. One thing I noticed was that the zombies were already established in each of the stories. I would have like some to have been at the start of the zombie apocalypse.  The author’s slapstick humor had me chuckling with every page turn. He certainly has an imagination, and I’m glad he shares it. I would definitely read more of his work.  

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About the Author

Stan Swanson
Stan Swanson is a Bram Stoker award finalist and author of eight books including Horror High School: Return of the Loving Dead (the first book in a young adult horror series co-written with Araminta Star Matthews), Wind Up Hearts (romance novella with a hint of steampunk), Forever Zombie (a collection of short stories), Write of the Living Dead (a highly-praised writing guide written with Araminta Star Matthews and Rachel Lee) and Return of the Scream Queen (co-authored with Michael McCarty and Linnea Quigley). He is also editor/publisher for Dark Moon Books and Dark Moon Digest. Upcoming titles include The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck - Book One: Magic & Mayhem (a middle grade fantasy/adventure/mystery which will be republished by Curiosity Quills Press), Dead Sparrows (a collection of apocalyptic poetry) and The Methlands (a horror novel co-written with award-winning author Joe McKinney).

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