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Wild Game Book Review

Wild Game

By Blayne Davis

A backstage pass into a world you never knew existed. Inside a ruthlessly played game that will leave you speechless. 

Behind modern glass doors, high above the streets of Manhattan, an underground operation works around the clock. The Ivy League boys wearing pinstriped suits are discreetly siphoning off millions in the world's gambling markets. Their information is brilliant and their execution is flawless, as they plunder the world of sports betting. 

An unlikely betrayal sets off a chain reaction that puts the AQSR Group on the radar of the FBI and international police. Investigators and prosecutors start to unravel a sophisticated conspiracy that shocks to the core. They have the case of a lifetime and won't stop until they get what they want. But they've met their match with opponents equally determined not to get caught. 

A story with twists and turns that cut deep into the secret lives of men playing a game that none can afford to lose. This high-stakes thriller will keep you in suspense as you crisscross the globe in luxurious settings from Nassau to Macau. 


Mitchell was top dog in the world of high stakes sport gambling. His business created and used an algorithm program that consistently gave winning odds. The deep, dark secret though, was that Mitchell was running a con of fixing professional sports outcomes. But just when he thinks he is invincible, he gets word of unexpected betrayal from a friend. This puts him in the crosshairs of the federal government. Knowing he is being investigated, he tries to cover his tracks. But as one thing gets taken care of, two more emerges. Will Mitchell be able to plug the holes and stay on top, or will each betrayal bring him closer to prison?

In the beginning, going back and forth with so many characters involved and their geographical locations, it was confusing. I started out hating that this book was so long, but in the end loving that it took the time to really capture all the layers of each participant involved. I hate to say it, but I was rooting for Mitchell and his gang. At least most of them. I liked that the author depicted the lawyers and public agents as being greedier con artists than the bad guys. It was interesting to see the inner workings of both sides.

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About the Author

Blayne is a former hedge fund trader and father of two. Blayne's life has taken an extraordinary turn with the birth of the Game Trilogy. The first book, "Wild Game" was released July (2014) and "Wet Game" will be ready for publication for Christmas (2014). These books are based upon actual events in the author's life, and enhanced for the reader's enjoyment. From an early age, Blayne has lived a life that rivals many works of fiction. With his father in the CIA, he and his sisters lived an international life of government secrecy. As a boy, he lived on Camp Peary where his father was an instructor at "The Farm" before moving to Japan. And, then Germany, where he attended high school. Blayne is passionate about the study of different languages (he is fluent in German), cooking, wine, and traveling. Spending time with his kids, whether at the beach or ball field is what he treasures most. Blayne enjoys interaction with his readers, and you may contact him on his website at or go to

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