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Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol Review

Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol: Book I

By Joe Dacy II 

"Since knowledge is but sorrow's spy, it is not safe to know." -- Sir William Davenant, English poet and playwright (1606-1668) 

Meet Esquelle (Es - Cue - El´) Données, a beautiful French information technologist having a leisurely cup of coffee at her favorite cafe in Versailles twenty-five years in the future. Two terrorists, intent on kidnapping, are watching her. Two NSA agents are monitoring her every move. And no less than five national intelligences services are about to disrupt her quiet life. 

And all because of her older brother Bernard, a reclusive genius of an engineer whose inventions have been deemed a threat to the national security of the United States. His quantum encryption system has already been slammed with a Secrecy Order, and now his new communications device threatens economic and political devastation. His enemies will stop at nothing to prevent him from developing his world-changing breakthrough. 

And they have the means to do so. In the fields of information technology, global communications, medicine, surveillance and military hardware, technology in development today has been realized. To protect its power and its secrets, a shadowy group within the US government will bring that technology to bear as they once again invoke the Telsa Protocol against Esquelle and her brother. 

The first in a developing series, this book is a high-octane, hard-science thriller: an intricate dance of cause-and-effect where the axioms of the past drive the decisions of the future in a world where knowledge is both power and peril.  


Esquelle is an expert in IT software. She is in fact so good, that IBM recruiters continually contact her to join their software development group. But she has a secret, which makes her want to stay independent. She has a chip implant near her brain that allows her to connect to the Internet and store tons of data virtually without any external hardware. Because of her genius brother Bernard’s creative technological inventions, both are considered security threats to the United States. While Bernard is safely hidden from everyone, Esquelle has NSA and Jihad terrorists after her.  Their Uncle Robbie, head of a French intelligence service, uses all his resources trying to keep Esquelle safe.  Esquelle has a few tricks of her own, but will it be enough to save her?

I admit that I don’t know exactly how a computer works; I only know how to use one. There was tons of explaining the computing process. I felt like I got a condensed lesson on the ins and outs of computing. I actually enjoyed it, mostly. It did get a bit over-technical though, for the regular people, like me. The story was well written, with well-rounded characters. I would definitely read more from this series. 

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