Monday, November 24, 2014

The Great Carrier Reef Review

The Great Carrier Reef

By Phil Green 

Desolate and bereaved Daniel abandoned his former life in Florida, relocating to London immersing himself in his new career with Scotland Yard. It seems that death followed him, wherever he called home when his friend and neighbour was tragically murdered for political gains. When apprehended the murderer revealed to Daniel that his Mother’s unexplained sudden death was not natural as he had believed his whole life but that she had been eliminated. 

It is said that death comes in three’s, for Daniel this was true. He received news that his Aunt and Uncle, the last of his extensive family had also been found dead leaving him the remaining heir to the extensive Morris family estate. Upon his return home, for their funerals he reconnects with his childhood friend Lizzie, the daughter of the family lawyer, Charles Price. 

With their assistance and encouragement Daniel begins to unravel his family’s secrets which ultimately led to so many tragic deaths. He unearths ground breaking technology and dark government links, assumed long abandoned in his Grandfather’s military past. 

The more Daniel delves into his family’s history the more he uncovers the incredible lengths they went to to protect their discovery, a technology that could topple Governments or benefit humanity and change the world for generations to come. 

Will Daniels investigative skills allow him to finally realise his family’s dreams for the planet and in doing so will he finally be able to lay his family ghosts, and his own, to rest ... ?



When Dan was eight-years-old, his mother died unexpectantly, and he went to live with his grandparents. He grew up very close to his two cousins, Matt and Ashley, and their friend Lizzie. When his grandparents died, Dan moved to London and withdrew from everyone. Then he finds out that Matt, Ashley and her parents have disappeared while on an outing on the family yacht. While on the job, Dan loses his cool on a suspect during interrogation, and is suspended. He comes back home to find Matt’s parents have died from a botched home invasion. With his entire family wiped out, Dan feels that it is time he learns all the family secrets that were kept from him for many years. With the help of Lizzie, and her father Charlie, long-time family lawyer and friend, Dan discovers just how far back the secrets go, and just how far his family would go to keep them.

This book had me laughing, crying, and begging for more. The pure evil in the villain was superbly done, and made me hate him for the things he did. The technical descriptions felt too long though. I finally started to skim over them just to get past them, since I couldn’t really visualize totally what was being described. I felt like the story was well written but long-winded. Even so, I didn’t want it to end and I hope the author continues the story. 

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