Friday, January 30, 2015

Break Free Review

Break Free: To Reboot With Confidence, Playfulness and Adaptibility

By Robert E. Lewis 

You were born with insatiable curiosity, wonder, and desire for adventure. As a young child, you played with passion and abandon, living fully in the moment and accepting failures as opportunities for discovery rather than faults. Life was a wondrous, evolving, and independent journey without a destination.

But in the process of growing up in a system of conformity and learned destinations, such as college degrees and a responsible career, you lost your need for that empowered independence. You were taught to simply do what you’re told, then sent out into the world to make of it what you will. Today, no matter what your age is, you have an opportunity to break free of this learned conformity, to rediscover your originality, and regain that ability to play and live fully in the now.

These days of technological advances, everyone is falling into the category of following the crowd, and losing their uniqueness. Without individuality, we are losing the battle of separateness and distinction. The author explains how and why this is happening in detail. He lists “power zappers” and how to overcome them, and ways to reverse stagnation by making changes.  He also gives guidelines on how to gain the power of independence.

This was an eye-opener for me. I know I am guilty of many of the things he stated that are dragging me down, even though I don’t fully embrace today’s lifestyles. I am now aware of my taken-for-granted daily routines that are destructive mechanisms. I like that not only does the author bring clarity to what is destroying our culture, but he explains how to overcome and reverse it. I totally agree with his assessment that discovery happens when people get out of the way of themselves.

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Robert E. Lewis has thirty years' experience helping students and professionals rediscover their independence and creativity. Immediately after graduating from New England College, he enlisted with the US Army for a tour of duty in Europe. While there, he intently studied the arts and media by sneaking away and reading where he wouldn't be found or bothered. This was a rite of passage that awakened his passion to help others discover their own independence and authenticity. After working as a structural engineer in Boston, Lewis decided to earn an MFA in photography from Ohio University. From there he began teaching photography, became director of communication programs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and finished his career in education as chair and professor of the art department at the University of Memphis. Today, Lewis is a full-time speaker and teacher who guides adults to an authentic and lasting, singular adventure

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