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The 400 lb Gorilla Review

The 400lb. Gorilla (The Hipposync Archives)

By D.C. Farmer

Matt Danmor thinks he's lucky. Not many people survive a near death accident with nothing more than a bout of amnesia, a touch of clumsiness and the conviction that the technician who did the MRI had grey skin and hooves. Still,  it takes time to recover from trauma like that, especially when the girl who was in the accident with you disappears into thin air. Especially when the shrinks keep telling you she's just a figment of your imagination.  So when the girl turns up months later looking ravishing, and wanting to carry on where they left off, Matt's troubled life starts looking up.  But he hasn't bargained for the baggage that comes with Silvy, like the fact she isn't really an English language student, or even a girl. Underneath her traffic stopping exterior is something else altogether, something involving raving fanatics bent on human sacrifice, dimensionally challenged baked bean tins, a vulture with a penchant for profanity, and a security agent  for the Dept of Fimmigration (that's Fae immigration for those of you not in the know) called Kylah with the most amazing gold-flecked eyes   The 400 Lb Gorilla is caustic, (vampire-free) introduction to the Hipposync Archives: Contemporary fantasy at its sparkling best.


When Matt survives a car accident that leaves him with head trauma, his life takes a down hill turn.  He remembers his girlfriend Silvy being in the car but there was no evidence of that, leading his psychiatrist to deduce her as a figment of his imagination. When Matt starts seeing deformed creatures, he just thinks that he is hallucinating. But when Silvy suddenly walks back into his life, he discovers that there is more than hallucinations going on.

This was such a great fantasy read. The way the plot was written, I never knew what was coming next. I like that the characters were a mixture of opposites, bringing balance to the structure of the story. With humor throughout, and a bully to contend with, this became a very satisfying read.

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DC Farmer is a writer and a doctor of medicine. His role in documenting the work of the Fimmigration Service (as in Fae immigration), has led to the realization that the world needs to know. Moreover, if he doesn't tell someone soon he is going to burst. Within the pages of his novels you will find thrilling and hopefully humorous accounts of the splendid work of the Fimmigration Service, beginning with The 400 lb Gorilla- which will soon be published in its totality by Spence City books, once appropriate clearance from the 'authorities' has been obtained. DC's literary weapon of choice is contemporary urban fantasy. He was, when he last looked, alive and well and living in darkest West Wales.


  1. A suspenseful read where you can never guess what happens next is always the best! I am surprised this is fantasy, but it sounds like one that is well written.

    1. Oh, it was fantasy all the way. You would have to read it. I didn't want to give away too much.