Friday, January 9, 2015

Free 6 Month Membership


Have you heard of the new start-up called  Their goal is to reinvent the wholesale shopping club, and is set to rival Costco and Amazon. And right now, you can become a Jet Insider and get your first 6 month membership free. Just GO HERE and enter your name and email address. That's all. What have you got to lose?

Here is what they have to say about it:

Jet is building a new kind of e-commerce experience, uniquely grounded in transparency and customer empowerment. Over the last two decades, technology pioneers have already worked to turn these ideals into reality. In retail, e-commerce brands have fundamentally altered the way people shop - putting more power in consumers’ hands through democratizing tools like price comparisons, ratings and reviews. 
So just who and what are Jet Insiders?

Jet Insiders are people who are excited about Jet's launch. Insiders get a free 6-month membership when they sign up with their email or join through Facebook. We want Jet Insiders to promote us by helping spread the news about Jet! By referring friends to become Jet Insiders, an Insider can move up the ranks and gain access to more Jet perks. 

Do as I have and become a Jet Insider today by going HERE and signing up. But hurry. You must sign up before February 6 to qualify for the free 6 month membership.