Friday, February 27, 2015

Cordskinz Review

Do you have a problem with your earphone cords staying tangled every time you go to use them? Well, here's a solution to that problem. Cordskinz are colorful plastic sleeves that you insert your cords into. They help protect them, and keep them detangled.

When you order, you will get two sets in your choice of colors. This makes them even more affordable. And with two different colors, you can change them to fit your mood, style, or activity. The tool that is included makes them easily changable. 

They come in sturdy envelopes with easy to follow instructions on the back.

You get a pair of Cordskinz, an assembly tool, and an envelope with printed instructions.

This is how my earbuds usually come out of my purse, along with whatever else they are tangled around. This drives me crazy.

See how easy the assembly is. You just hold and pull. The tool does all the work. The Cordskinz are plenty long enough. You just use regular scissors to cut to size. I actually took the cutoff and put it on the bottom of the cords. 

Here is how they looked after I wadded them up. There is no tangle. I was able to pick them up and they just straightened out automatically. 

It seems I'm not the only one who liked them. I hope I get them back!

The Cordskinz come in 11 different colors. I like how vibrant the colors are. It makes them easy to find. I was definitely impressed with them. The only downside I found was that they didn't work for flat corded earbuds, only round ones.

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