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I Was an Unsolved Mystery Review

I Was An Unsolved Mystery An American Fugitive Story: American Fugitive Story

By Thomas Lion

AMERICAN FUGITIVE story by Thomas Lion is a memoir that starts off running then settles down to deliver volumes of heart, humor, and killer scenes as Lion assumes several identities to survive. Lion will do anything, go anywhere, assume any identity to preserve his honor, marriage, money and survive alive. A legal marijuana grower recalls his days as a pot fugitive. True stories like this wild and quirky adventure are few and far between. A retro but relevant tale of romance, mystery, betrayal, tragedy, and a life lost then found . A memoir that reads like a novel and travels from simple origins--picking and selling wild weed--to secret banking centers in the UK and life on the lam. A clever young writer, a sexy undercover cop's daughter and a quirky cast of characters are driven underground with assumed identities and chased by the Cannabis cops. A Lloyds of London man, a gay UK antiques dealer and a Guernsey banker all help keep the Lion on the lam. The movie Catch Me If You Can has a similar feel to this non stop running read. Looking for true character driven stories for development projects? Lion's Lam would make a great movie or internet series project. 

Thomas began his career as a top dog in the marijuana running business. After making enough money, he left the illegal dealings behind. When the government started cracking down heavily, he and his wife, along with some business partners dropped off the radar, but this didn't stop the search for him. Even though he has left no paper trail, he seems to only stay one step ahead of the law. As the laws keep changing and giving stiffer penalties, the pressure continues to build for Tom to put his running aside and just get it over with before it’s too late.

I enjoyed reading the thorough accounting of how the author got to where he is today. Although this book was way too long in my opinion, it did keep me entertained.  About two thirds of the way I started getting bored and ready for it to end, but that didn't last long. The action picked back up, and I couldn't read to the end fast enough. This gave me so many different emotions as I felt like I was on the run along with Tom. I truly felt his loneliness and frustration. Knowing his story, I still sympathized with the position he had put himself in. I really couldn't say that about the rest of his so called friends. And I really love how the title fits the story. All in all, this was a great read.

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Thomas Lion
AMERICAN FUGITIVE five years, sevens years a BOP slave, Lion went from pot prisoner to one of a few legal growers nationwide. This story was written to draw readers in on the run then settle down and deliver heart and soul few writers might offer up so honestly. Currently writing and living off-the-grid on the side of a mountain, he is an AARP card-carrying hipster Baby Boomer who's lived a not-so-normal life and is amply primed to get back to writing with a mountain load of stories and misadventures under his wing. While he once thought the Ebook was the death bell tolling for writers like him, he now fervently embraces its glory since it has enabled him to share his musings with the world. JE SUIS CHARLIE! 

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