Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Book Review


By Gage Irving 

"Thanksgiving is the first novel in the Holiday Series and it is multifaceted. A thrilling murder mystery with supernatural underpinnings, the novel is also a morality play about human greed. A dynamic new voice, Gage's undexpected insights and visualizations quickly ensnare.

The first scene of the book goes back thirty years into the past, describing a permanent division erupting between Latham Donnelly and his wife, April. She assumed her husband was responsible for her latest pregnancy, and he believed he'd been cuckolded. Latham was sure that someone else had fathered their third child. Never confronting each other, the ongoing pressure was never resolved and the reverberations of what had really taken place destroyed the future of the entire family.

Returning to the present, everything revolved around Latham and April Donnelly, and their two sons and their married daughter. The entire family hadn't been together for over five years, and April had set up a reunion on Thanksgiving in 2004. During the festivities, politesse oozed out of them like sweet maple syrup, but it was only veneer. Behind their ingratiating smiles, things were actually getting worse. Nevertheless, they decided to commit themselves to another reunion a year later in a drunken and resounding toast. In the intervening months a few different grievous plans sprouted among them. Thick irony and black humor to gently impart the bad news, their second get together is a culminatgion jet fueled by depravity.


When April became pregnant with her third child, she was unaware that her husband, Latham, had gotten a vasectomy done beforehand. Not knowing this, she had no idea why their marriage went downhill, as he never told her. What Latham doesn’t know is that April had been loyal to him all along. Many years later, when their three kids are grown, the animosity reaches a breaking point. Not only for April and Latham, but also for each of their offspring.

What a family this was! The plot had me bouncing around like a rubber ball. Each of the characters had good qualities, as well as bad ones, giving me a love/hate relationship with each of them. With all the greed, corruption, and selfishness, it was like watching an episode of Dallas, except that this had more levity. I knew the showdown was going to be epic, and couldn’t wait for it to happen. I must say though, that the supernatural aspect kept me a bit confused. 

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Gage Irving
Gage Irving grew up on the South Fork of Long Island, winning awards for her art and poetry. As a great - niece of Washington Irving, Ms Irving currently resides in a log home built by herself and her husband, a sanctuary to complete the Holiday Series. Her ability as an artist expanded after a near death experience in '88. Irving's current writing projects may be the best so far, and she will donate 15% of her profits from Thanksgiving to the Audubon Society.

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