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Dark Shadow of Babylon Review

Dark Shadow of Babylon

By Julian Speed

An evil and ancient Babylonian priest fallen to shadow is mistakenly freed from its entombed prison during an archaeological dig for Roman artifacts by Frederick and his professor. 

Frederick, a sensitive to the unseen world of the dead, since early childhood has all but abandoned and run from his ability. He flees the excavation and returns to the United States to consult with his sister Mira also a psychic. Upon returning to the United States he decides not to contact his sister and forget what transpired on the isle. 

A rash of murders ensues in two sleepy small towns of West Virginia not long after Frederick returns to the US. 

Frederick the pretender, his sister Mira a believer, Antonio a skeptic, and Eva an outcast gypsy will all come together to face an evil that will bring doom to the living and the dead. A secret society that will kill at all cost, a vengeful spirit, and a creature of the night looking for redemption with all have a part to play in Dark Shadow of Babylon. 

Dark Shadow of Babylon is a horror/paranormal novel with light elements of suspense. The bulk of the story takes place in the modern day world- in the year 2012; however the preface of the story begins during the Roman invasion of Britannia in 61 AD. 
***MY HONEST REVIEW OF Dark Shadows of Babylon***

In 61 AD, the Romans attempted to overtake a druid isle unsuccessfully. Once the battle was over, a dark spirit named Thaddeus, along with two of his followers were contained, and dispersed to be hidden separately for all time. Centuries later, Thaddeus is inadvertently loosed and goes looking for his two cohorts, to continue his evil plan, leaving death and destruction in his wake. The only ones capable of again containing him are descendants of the three who were instrumental in Thaddeus’ original capture.

This story is not for the faint-of-heart. The plot was easy to follow, with a few twists thrown in. I instantly connected with the characters that were in present time. With a concentration on paranormal action, and deeply evil characters, dead, as well as alive, it had me reading with the lights on, watching for shadows to appear. I do not suggest reading this right before bedtime. Even so, I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

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About the Author

Julian Speed was born in Indianapolis Indiana. While staying active in junior high school and high school athletics, he acquired a taste for writing through reading several fantasy and sci-fi novels.

Julian planned to attend college and pursue a degree in journalism; however he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Indiana University.

He served in the U.S. military and is currently working in the financial services industry. Julian is married to Angela Speed and has two step daughters Shayla and Sierra.

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