Monday, January 29, 2018

Enchanted Ruse Review

Enchanted Ruse (Book 2)

By Geoffrey Moehl II

Enchanted Ruse (Book 2) by [Moehl II, Geoffrey]
Four monumental hurricanes ravage the Florida coast as an equally tempestuous family drama brews. In spite of his parents' best efforts, Carter Manning's personal life spirals into an abyss of depression. His increasingly acerbic sense of humor seems to be wrecking a much hated career in car sales. Since the death of beloved his fiancée, Jennifer Ann, Carter's life hardly seems worth living anymore.

Constant and unreasonable demands for money and attention from his manipulative ex-wife, Lindsey, don't help matters. Jack, her useless but seemingly perfect boy toy, provides even more aggravation. Among the many gray clouds in Carter's life, his headstrong daughter, Ashley, stands as his one ray of sunshine. Not even Lindsey's dictatorial parenting style and attempts at keeping them apart, can break the powerful bond between the broken father and his rebellious child.

Carter's ex-wife threatens everything he holds dear when her tense relationship with their daughter falls apart. He travels across states to make things right, only to face an even greater threat. Away from his ordinary suburban life in Michigan, Carter faces torrential rains, alluring women, and threats from the past and present. Will he be able to face his inner demons, and save his daughter from a looming unseen threat before it's too late?

Dark secrets will be revealed as winds and passions rage towards a deadly climax. Geoffrey Moehl II's thrilling supernatural follow-up to Florida Heat is a story about the power of family, and a true love that endures beyond the grave.


Carter Manning’s wife, Lindsey, divorced him years ago and along with their daughter Ashley, moved to Florida. He later met his soulmate Jennifer Ann. But right before they marry, Jennifer Ann dies leaving Carter a broken man. Even though he is barely functioning, that doesn’t stop Lindsey from calling almost daily demanding more and more money, and Carter always complies. When a hurricane destroys Lindsey’s home, Carter leaves Michigan and flies to Florida to see how he can help her. But when he gets there, Lindsey informs him that Ashley is missing. At that point, Lindsey’s destroyed home becomes second priority.

I did not like the characters in this read. Carter may have been broken, but he was almost as shallow as Lindsey. Ashley, as a teen, had more maturity than any of them. Also, I felt there were a couple of things that didn’t add up or information that was left out. I liked how the author based this story on true, actual events, like the hurricanes. It made for an exciting, roller coaster of adventure read. Although I was certain of the underlying aspects of what was going on, I was still caught up in the story. I look forward to more reads from this author.

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