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Walking With Elijah Book Review

Walking with Elijah: The Fable of a Life Journey and a Fulfilled Soul

By Doobie Shemer

Inspiring Mystical Journey into the World of the Spirits

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Walking with Elijah is the story of Doobie Shemer’s literal and spiritual journey from kibbutznik to shaman. As he recounts the significant events in his life ”" his childhood in Israel, the loss of his father, the influence of Grandma Tova, his introduction to shamanism ”" Doobie takes us with him on his journeys to the spirit world to share his vivid mystical experiences and the answers he finds to life’s key questions.
Now, twenty years on since he first met Elijah, his Spiritual Teacher, Doobie has incorporated spiritual work into every aspect of his daily life. As a practicing shaman himself, Doobie regularly helps family, friends, and strangers to find answers and solutions that are both practical and spiritual.
Walking with Elijah: The Fable of a Life Journey and a Fulfilled Soul inspires us to fearlessly explore our own spiritual path and to walk paths never walked before.

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Shamanism teaches focusing on our connection to nature and creation. This is the author’s account of his experiences on his shamanic journeys. Growing up in Kibbutz, an Israeli community, he describes the beauty of his surroundings, and viewed it as a gift. His descriptions made me wish I had lived there to experience it. Then moving to a desert area, he still could see the beauty while learning and growing. I could tell he has always had an uplifting and appreciative outlook to him. Even so, he still felt like he was incomplete, until he learned and practiced shamanism.

After reading of his journeys, I feel that I understand our connection to creation more. I recognize better the role that the soul plays in our lives. Through the entire book I could feel how grateful and humble he felt with everything he learned. This author has a gift of expressing his sights and feelings in a way that you can see and feel through his eyes. I would enjoy reading further journeys of his.

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About the Author

Doobie's incredible life journey has begun in his birthplace, Kibbutz Givat-Brener, Israel. His thirst and passion to explore life's meanings carried him through living in and traveling across mystical India, origin of an ancient culture and philosophies, living in the beautiful island of Cyprus, a birthplace of Goddess Aphrodite, and touring other magnificent countries, like Thailand, South Korea. 

By studying and applying the wisdom of ancient methods and philosophies, Tai Chi, Reiki, and Shamanism, during the last 20 years, Doobie helped his family, friends, work colleagues, and complete strangers to improve their relationships with themselves and others, and to live a better life. 

Doobie is now living in south California where his two books: Sprouted Soul, Whole-Souled Poems and Walking with Elijah, A Fable of a Life Journey and Fulfilled Soul, finally came to life.

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